Feria One Block from the House

Every Thursday afternoon there is a feria (farmers market) set up one block from our house. It has seafood, cheese, meats, sausages, clothes, shoes, plants, cleaning supplies, garden items, you name it and it will likely be found on a table, or under a canopy or in a trailer.  I know that in Montevideo the residents of the street receive a tax incentive for having the farmers market in front of their homes each week and that it is a three-year commitment allowing the mercado to be on your street.

They sell grains and beans in quantity, plus all different types of herbs and spices.  Some places sell medicinal herbs as well.This stand had honey and home canned veggie mixes.Not a great deal of fruit this time of year.  But they did have three varieties of apples, bananas, pears, juice and eating oranges and plums.  One stand had beautiful strawberries but there were just too many people.These trailers have chilled display cases with cheeses, salami and other cold cut meats, they also have several varieties of olives.This market does not get totally set up until around 3pm. By 4pm it was packed with people. This week the variety of warm clothing was unbelievable – coats, hats, scarves, gloves, you name it and it was at the market.  Joe and I bought heavy wool socks and gloves along with some fruits and veggies for the week.  We also bought a variety pack of sweets, cookies and alfahores. It came out to 10 pesos a piece.  Not bad since we cut everything in half and share.Another trailer with cheese, salami and cold cuts. This one sells pet supplies. Makeup and nail polish anyone? I wanted all three of these cast iron pots.  Not exactly sure what to do with the one with legs… Now for all you Yerba Mate drinkers…I bought a dozen or so of the pansies.  Hopefully this afternoon I will get them into the planter on the front porch. Next time Joe requested that I take close up pictures so you could see the actual items and cost.  Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Thursday market. Joe also said the best part was eating the torta fritas that reminded him of hojaldras in Panama.

4 thoughts on “Feria One Block from the House

    • Hi John and Mary, Yesterday before the market we walked closer to town, probably 5 blocks. There is a food truck that sells hamburgs, chivitos, hot dogs called panchos and hungaras (spicy hot dog) and chorizo which is what Joe and I got. Price 80 pesos about 2.85 US. The sausage chorizo is more like a German sausage, you can add any of about 20 toppings, fresh tomato slices, cubed tomatoes, leaf lettuce, corn, peas, fresh onions, tiny cripsy potato chips, chopped green olives, 3 or 4 mixed veggie bowls one that is spicy. And one of about 6 different condiments. You sit on an outdoor patio. We had ordered the hamburg and the chivito a week ago and loved the chivito but the hamburg was just blah, a meat patty that was not up to Uruguay standards for beef. So this time we picked the sausage, excellent, Joe wants to go there everyday for lunch. We are waiting home right now on the wood guy to deliver, they said 10am and it is now 11:14 so who knows when the wood will show up. Same old, Same old…ja ja Just have to laugh and hope he really does show up today. Nancy and Joe

    • Hi Barbara, It is more developed in our eyes as well. We have only been in two towns, Montevideo which is like Quito, big city with all the great stuff a big city offers and now here in Atlantida. The population of Atlantida is close to the size of San Clemente, San Alejo and San Jacinto but there is just so much more. It is more expensive, but you can get stuff. Like yesterday I bought an immersion blender, Philips brand, it came with a whisk attachment, the blender attachment, a small container with chopper with stationary blade and a large chopper container with a stationary blade. And a large 1 quart container with handle to use with the whisk and blender attachment. Cost $102.00 I am looking for a all-in-one unit food processor, mixer and blender with a big motor, like 1250 watts but it is very pricey at over $600 for the Bosch model so I bought this small one to tide me over. Thanks for following, today I planted my pansies now I need to go back out and give them a good watering. Have a great day, N and J

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