Fugazetta at Tres Fuegos

While living in Montivideo we often decided at the last-minute to eat out. Many times we picked Tres Fuegos.  The restaurant located directly across the street from the apartment we were living in. And everything we had ordered has been exceptional. From steaks to pizza we have had no complaints.  And this was no exception.

This Fugazetta was fabulous – brick oven crispy crust, light tomato sauce, tons of onions and ham with just the right amount of mozzarella cheese.  Great celebration of flavors in every bite!

10 thoughts on “Fugazetta at Tres Fuegos

    • Doug, if you ever get to Montevideo on 26 de Marzo stop into Tres Fuegos, this Fugazetta was unbelievable…I am a New York style pizza gal, I love a crispy thin crust, good amount of cheese, mild NOT SWEET sauce and if I order ham I want to see some ham. This was excellent and there was not a crumb left after we were finished. We asked for olive oil and black pepper for the table but would have loved to have dried oregano and hot pepper flakes I have been know to carry a baggy of grated parmesan cheese, dried oregano and hot pepper flakes to a pizza restaurant. Joe has cringed thinking of me sprinkling this over a pizza, but once he tasted it with my additions he never said another word about it. Pizza in Panama was pretty bland so I liked adding my own spices to give it a kick….Have you found the secret to a thin crispy pizza crust? If so, please share your recipe. Nancy

      • Okay, tomorrow! I have to take my wife for an AM appointment near the Estadio Centenario.

        No, alas, my crusts tend to be thick no matter what I do 😉

        • Oh Doug, If you are in that area tomorrow….PLEASE PLEASE go to Rudy Burger…”that is if you like the best, juiciest, most wonderful beef burger in the world”. I would send you there first…next trip if you can stay away from the Rudy Burger try Tres Fuego and their Fugazetta….That is where I would go if I was in that area tomorrow. We also have to be in Montevideo tomorrow. But probably will be on our way back before Rudy is open for business. Or we would be going there for our lunch. Our apartment was almost next door to Rudy and we only found them the last month we were there but went there several times before we moved here. See my post https://nanlevin.com/2017/04/30/rudy-the-burger-house-montevideo-uruguay/ I loved both places but my heart belongs to Rudy…Nancy

          • OK,OK: given the wonderful beef here, hamburgers have again become part of our diet. But “real” hamburgers. Will be interesting to see!

            • Doug, I hope they come through for me and you get the best burgers of your life, if not all we can do is apoligize and take you and your wife out for dinner to make up for it….If their (Rudy) past predicts their future it should be the best burger you have had. Go for jugoso it was not bloody but it was juciy and watch your shirt as I will not be responsible for you dripping the juice all over yourself…Nancy

              • You’ll no doubt consider me an idiot, but after finding obscure locations (yes, there is a street called “Lord Ponsonby”) including several far out on 8 de Octubre, I could not actually locate 23 de Marzo. I now see that I was ON that street, but thinking it was Av Luis Alberto de Harrera. Not the first time I’ve been off by 90° driving in Montevideo. Alas, another time. All was not lost. We came back and shared a lovely chivito canadiense and Ensalata Atlántida at Don Vito’s.

                • Doug, so sorry the address I gave you was 26 de Marzo…It is near to the World Trade Center and the Montevideo Shopping Mall. I am so sorry you could not find it. But this can be for your next trip to Montevideo. I actually love Don Vito’s Chivitos so you made out okay in my book, Nancy

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