Shopping at Tienda Inglesa – NOT

For the past few days I have had vertigo. For those that don’t know what that is, my world is spinning.  It happened several days ago when I turned in bed and then went to cough.  Something shifted in my ears and the room started to spin. Joe quickly got me in a sitting position and then I went through the exercises to shift these crystals in my ears.  Well I still don’t feel right.  And making a shopping trip was not anything I was interested in attempting to do.

Here you can go online with Tienda Inglesa and place your order. You can pay by credit card, pick your delivery time and just sit back and wait for them to deliver.Honestly when you are not feeling well this is a wonderful service. All your food and supplies delivered right to your door – actually they brought them in and set them on my kitchen counter and floor.  Kudos to Tienda Inglesa…this is a great service.  And those great steaks from the Tuesday Lunch post – they were part of the delivery.  Gotta love it.

5 thoughts on “Shopping at Tienda Inglesa – NOT

    • Thanks Mary..feeling much better today but the first two days really had me worried. I do think it is caused by a sinus infection. And have been using a nasal spray twice a day with great relief. Today I got up to make coffee and my nose did not stop running it was like a faucet and I was holding a napkin to it for about 5 minutes before it finally stopped. So using the nasal spray right before bed must be doing the job….Some folks can tell when it is going to start and head it off, I had no idea until I turned in bed. I had no disconfort just a little cough…but it sure hit and was I spinning. Feel better, N and J

  1. Nancy, maybe I missed it but wondering about your new home? You had many posts about the one in Ecuador…Tom

    • Hi Tom, we are renting here in Atlantida for the next year. It is a very comfortable 2 bedroom, 2 bath furnished home with a separate dining room, large spacious living room with fire place, small kitchen and a laundry room that also has a parrilla which is a wood burning BBQ. Outside we have a covered area that has the big parrilla, a beautiful large concrete picnic table, stools and benches a large swing, great iron patio furniture. The house is on a corner lot with a great deal of space from house to road, a secure side and back yard with secure windows as well as wooden shutters. I have taken a few photos but will do a full blog article on the house as it is very sweet. I can tell you that it took me two weeks to be able to sleep at night, it was so quiet that I had a hard time getting to sleep. Once you close the outside shutters, pull the curtains it is wonderful. And the curtains in our bedroom are black out curtains so once I got accustomed to the time difference (we are two hours different from Ecuador and now with Spring Forward 1 hour different than the East Coast of USA) I am able to sleep in like when I was a teenager… Full post with photos to follow, Nancy

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