More Firewood (Leña)

We have gone through almost three loads of firewood so far this season and just ordered another two loads a few days ago. At 4,500 pesos or $160 US this is going to be an expensive winter season here in Uruguay.

I found out a few days ago that there are two types of wood red and white, I believe the eucalyptus is about the only wood burned here.  And that the red wood burns longer.  I had no idea, what we have received is the white. I also understand from Doug a long-term resident, that the round rolls of wood are cheaper than cut wood.

We have one fireplace and it is located in the main living area of the house. So that is where we spend most of our time now. Not a hardship as it is a big comfy room with a grand picture window, a full couch and 2 great easy chairs, a table and chairs for the computers and a writing desk. Oh yeah, and a propane stove, a few really warm throw blankets and a pass through to the kitchen. And lots of firewood!

8 thoughts on “More Firewood (Leña)

  1. I have a similar problem, even though it’s not winter here. Though most of my firewood consumption is due to my smoked brisket addiction. 🙂
    Stay warm!

    • the brisket sounds wonderful….and smoking it makes it even more appealing. I am only too happy to cook my veggies and then BBQ our meats on the wood embers that fall under the grate. The meat here is outrageous in flavor…our two favorite cuts of meat here are bife ancho and entrecot. Enjoy your brisket…Nancy

    • Sorry to say, there is no other economical source…Electrictiy is too expensive, propane gas heaters are not good as they put humidity back into the air and you need to vent the room often so you don’t die I guess….So fireplace and wood is the way to go here. While driving down to Montevideo yesterday I noticed that many folks have solar panels on their roofs, but don’t know anyone here with one…Would like to find out about cost and workability for the winter season…If we stayed here and got our own house we would need to make it more energy efficient. There are companes that re-work your existing fireplace and make it more energy efficient, but we are renting and would or could not make those modifications. We will give it this winter and then make a decision. You and John ave a dip in the ocean for me and enjoy the sun and warm weather. I read that the shrimp were running in SC so go get youself a nice shrimp dinner, love, N and J

      • We have two friends who have fireplace inserts, if and when you get to investigating that. Also some who did an extensive photovoltaic installation, a losing proposition in part because they were on UTE’s “opción inteligente,” and didn’t know to change it to flat rate before contracting for electricity generation. So during daylight hours, they’re stuck selling electricity to UTE at about the third the cost they’re paying at night (no battery storage). Seems ridiculous, but that’s life on the bleeding edge.

        The latter also have two kalkoffens, hand-built mass wood stoves that radiate heat for a long time. Two companies in Uruguay make them, both located in Florida if I recall correctly. Again, happy to connect you if interested.

        We had solar hot water in Mexico and loved it. Unfortunately a bit awkward to do on our house in Atlántida.

        • Hi Doug, Because we are renting we are stuck with the way the house is. If we decide to buy here we will get as much info on heating, solar etc before we make a move. Hard to pay three times as much as you are receiving for your electricty. It must be upsetting to look at your electric bill each month, it would me.

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