La Pippona

Empanadas anyone? What we are used to is a fried empanada with more crust than filling. These empanadas from La Pippona are light and flaky baked crusts with filling galore. We have tried several of them and so far our favorites are the Mexicana which is super spicy for Uruguay and the Ham and Cheese which is filled with chunks of great ham and a rich creamy melty cheese.  I failed to tell you we did order a little pizza as well, this went into the fridge for another meal.Each empanada is marked with dots to represent what the filling inside is and is delivered to your door hot and ready to just dig in.

But we have also fallen in love with the Lebanese open-faced Lehmeyun. These thin crusted pizza like flat treats are covered with a meat and spice mixture – this is so different yet so wonderful it sparks your taste buds.  Sprinkle a little fresh lemon juice (slices provided with your meal) on top and you are transported to an even better taste experience.

And to top off an already great meal they have dessert empanadas. Yes, you heard me correct.  We have tried two of the four desserts offered and really loved them.  One is an empanada apple pie, hot from the oven excellent. Just the right amount of sugar and cinnamon, thin sliced apples, divine is the only word that can describe this dessert. Actually tastes like the pies Mom used to make. As well as the National Postre (dessert) for all of Uruguay Dulce de Leche we ordered the one with chocolate chips. Honestly not so overly sweet just right for Joe and I to share.

In our research on Uruguay we saw so many comments about the lack of food choices here.  We have not found that to be true at all. The food varieties are wonderful, you have your pastas even with a special day the 29th of each month where noquis are on the menu at almost every restaurant. You have your choice of flame cooked meats from pork, beef, lamb, chicken as well as sausages galore and if your taste runs to innards they do that as well. Our favorite restaurant so far in Atlantida is Don Vito, the food, the service, the atmosphere are just perfect for our Sunday lunch. They have seafood choices, chivitos, pasta, salads, pizzas and meats as well as a beautiful display case filled with desserts to die for.  While in Montevideo we found Tres Fuegos had similar service and food. We have found hamburger restaurants serving just hamburgers, beef or veggie like our favorite Rudy Burgers on 26 de Marzo in Montevideo’s Nuevo  Pocitos section.  You want Japanese we have found several, even in Atlantida we have Sushi Brothers (will be doing a post on them real soon). Are you into seafood? The supermarkets have several varieties of local fresh fish and in Atlantida we even have a fish monger if you really want it fresh. Montevideo has Indian restaurants even take out Indian is available.

I just don’t see an issue with the choices. What we have learned since moving from the US in 2006 is you may have to do a little work to have what you want to eat. I have learned how to make so many things from scratch and that only makes me a better cook and we have more wholesome food and eat so much better as I can control what goes into my food when I use fresh ingredients. So you like Thai make it at home you can find most ingredients at your local supermarket.  Want Thai Spring rolls, make them. Here the supermarket has spring roll wraps, sushi nori, rice noodles, tahini, soy and oyster sauce, wasabi powder…you want to make Pho they have the spices and other ingredients needed to make your own home-made version.

It’s all part of the great adventure. You need to go with it.


16 thoughts on “La Pippona

  1. Great post , thank you, as the culinary of every country differs. I am sure everyone is curious to the cost of each item there compared to where they live so we all can learn more about South America.

    • All the empanadas including the dessert ones are 57 peso or $2.00 each. The lehmeyum’s come 2 in an order for 150 pesos or $5.35. Thanks for your comment, Nancy

  2. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico one of our go to for a easy lunch at home was their pizza empanadas. Cheap and yummy. Yours look delicious. We have learned to make wontons and the special bbque pork for a wonderful wor wonton soup filled with loads of veggies and a few prawns. We tried making eggrolls and they we ok. Maybe we need to give it another go.

    • I would love your wonton recipe…if you are willing to share. I was using these small empanada skins found in Ecuador but here they only have these big ones that are for baked empanadas so they are layered and come out super cripsy, that does not work well for a wonton or a steamed dumpling. I must tell you these empanadas have a great deal of filling. For lunch for Joe and I one each with a half of the apple dessert one is enough to fill us up. Tks, Nancy

  3. Calle 16 between 9 & 10? How on earth did you find that??? (I’ve never heard of it.)

    Regarding choices, my favorite way to taunt North Americans here is to ask what’s their favorite Thai restaurant in Uruguay? Always good for a laugh. Likewise Mexican, though a few have come and gone. Current sushi craze is certainly welcome. We only find two local fish palatable: corvina and lenguado. A year ago we spent several days in Lima, Peru. It was like rubbing salt into a wound 😉

    • La Pippona is located across the street from Don Vito. We spent a week in Atlantida back in Feb/March looking for a house to rent. Walked around town every day and ate out every day. But did not eat at La Pippona until we moved here and ordered take out from them. We actually found a restaurant very near to where we rented in Montevideo that has some Thai dishes. Konichi-Wa has Japaneses, Thai and Chinese dishes. We ate their several times and enjoyed almost everything we ordered. Not that happy with the Coconut Curry Soup but I do have high expectations. Coming from a small fishing village with very limited choices (but I must admit we did eat tons of lobster and shrimp while living there)…. we have found Montevideo and now Atlantida to have wonderful food choices. I guess if you are coming from a big city with tons of choices this would be a let down. But for us it is a great change and we are enjoying the many choices of beef because it has such wonderful flavor.

    • Hola Lisa, we love empanadas but what we have had in the past have been deep fat fried, now I am not complaining because they were wonderful but what a great option to have them baked…Here you can buy the empanada wraps cheap and they are all flakey. So I decided to make my own apple pies, I used one apple sliced thin, a teaspoon of coco sugar and a teaspoon cinimmon and one empanada wrapper on the bottom, filled it put a bit of water around the edge and covered with the second wrapper sealed 350 f oven for about 10 minutes and they were wonderful. Easy, fast and fresh. would do it again, would like to try plums or a pear next time and mix up the spices a bit…hugs have a great day. N and J

      • what fast and easy fruit pie! yes, i often thought that baked empanadas were such an upgrade from the fried ones, and if stuffed like you described, they would be like those pepperidge farms turnovers from long ago… fresh from your oven would be amazing – with ice cream on top – in the warmer seasons!
        we had another ‘good morning’ greeting from pachamama . 5.3 which rattled my friend here at the hostal… she goes into ptsd but handled this one better than the one from the end of june…

        hugs back to you!

        • I saw a post from a friend in SC about the one today. I honestly am so happy we are missing all of these, just way to much for Joe and I. But we have the cold,,it rained here since last Friday until yesterday. Today bright sunny but still cold like 54….Joe and I sat out on the front porch for about 30 minutes need my vit, D,,,ja ja Be well N

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