A Long Time Coming

To say that 2017 was not our favorite year would be an understatement. Making a move is always difficult but in this case it was terribly difficult as we were pretty settled in our minds that San Clemente, Ecuador would be our last home, last hometown, and we would be buried there. We felt almost betrayed that the earthquake and its many aftershocks had caused us to make the move.  Uruguay was okay but we had to start all over again, I mean from scratch, it was an emotional upheaval on many levels. But we are troopers and made the best of it, in our minds moving has always been an adventure so that is how we looked at it.

Then while Joe was having a routine physical he had a cardiac episode. This happened in April 2017 right as we were moving into a new home in Atlantida. After waiting for a medical procedure for 9 months he finally is recovering and we have our lives back.

That is my explanation for no blog posts for almost a year…. but I’m BACK!!! 

With Joe’s health improving daily we are back on track and starting to do things that were not possible the past year. So get ready….more to come!

24 thoughts on “A Long Time Coming

    • Hey Kristen, thanks so much. It is working out well for us so far. After the initial shock of the operation and hospital stay, then came the rehab at home…but Uncle Joe is doing great. It is not 4 months yet and he is feeling better, doing more and we are able to get out and see a bit of this country. Next week we plan on going to Montevideo and staying there for the week. We have so many items on our list to accomplish I really do not think 5 days is enough…We did have plans to go to Argentina but it is getting a bit cold right now for sightseeing so we are putting that off until Spring. Hugs to you and Speed. Enjoy every day, blessings to you both, Aunt n

    • Thanks so much Joe. I will be posting on our adventures now that Joe is able to do a bit of traveling. I love using the blog like my personal diary with my photos and travels listed. Also will start to add more recipes now that we are more plant based I am enjoying a new culinary experience. Be well, N and J

    • Thanks John and Mary. Excited about getting out and doing some things again. Take care of yourselves, Nancy and Joe

  1. You’ve had a rough year, but I’m so glad Joe is on the road back to health! May 2018 bring you all the joy and happiness you deserve. I”m looking forward to reading more of your adventures this year. Penny and I also had a rough 2017, but it was financial, not physical. It’s looking much better this year and who knows? Maybe in a few years, we’ll be able to come and visit your beautiful new country. All the best to you and Joe.

    • Thanks Marilee, hugs to you and Penny. Our doors are always open for either or both of you. I pray that things get better for you financially…blessings, Nancy and Joe

  2. Nancy, I have been worried that something had happened. So sorry that your husband had that happen but glad he was in a place to get it taken care of.

    Stay strong and blessings to both of you!


    • Hey Liz, so happy Joe is doing well, having your best friend down and out is a very difficult thing to deal with but with our Lord watching over us, some great doctors and a strong will to survive we are here to continue our adventure, Thanks so much for your kind words, Nancy and Joe

    • Esthela Muchas gracias. Extrañamos a nuestro Ecuador así que muchas gracias por tus abrazos, xxxooo N and J

    • Hi Libby, How are you doing? Things are getting better. It was a long year waiting on his procedure and then the operation. So happy it is behind us. I do miss EC much…loved so many things about the place, the people, MY HOUSE and the beach….BUT the tremors were just too much for us so we are where we need to be right now. Please eamil and let me know how you are doing. Nancy and Joe

  3. So glad to hear that everything is back on track! I have heard that there are great medical services in Uruguay so I am assuming Joe received great care. Looking forward to hearing more.

    • Yes, Debroah he got top notch attention in every regard. Hard to have to wait 10-11 months to have it done but it was worth it in the long run. Hope to get some good pictures and stories about our lives here on the blog soon. Take care, Nancy

  4. So glad to hear from you Nancy! Wow!! What a journey! You two really are quite the troopers. I am so grateful that Joe is well on the road to recovery. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. Sending big hugs to both of you!

  5. You have been on my mind SO MUCH recently, and I’m so sorry I did not write… The day this post came out, I loaded gmail to read offline, and was at home when I saw this post – late at night.. I almost drove to Ayacucho just to see/make sure that all was ok….


    Seeing Joe’s smiling face was a great gift – thank you – and him! – for including that image!


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