Just Another Day

Since living outside of the US we have found great joy and much peace in walking the beaches and Uruguay is not an exception.  Each morning when the weather is nice we head towards the water. Our apartment is two blocks from the beach and there are several access walkways and paths to get access to the beach which here is lower than the road.

You can see from the picture above that the beach is lower than the rambla (beach walkway).

One of the prettiest spots is the Eagle’s Nest (Nido del Águila) that is built right on the bluff overlooking the beach. This area is called Playa Mansa (the quiet beach). From what we understand it was built around 1945 as a house by an Italian, Natalio Michelizzi. It has the head of an eagle and the body of a dolphin.  The eyes are actually the sitting room windows. The building is under renovation for some needed repairs as it has been allowed to deteriorate and has been vandalized as well. It is a beautiful and unusual building and should be treated with respect and maintained for the future.

We have walked over three miles each morning and have started to use the exercise equipment located in two locations on the rambla. Light weights which works for us, the set pictured below are for upper body exercises. The other set of machines located close to the yacht club on the Playa Brava and are mostly lower body exercises.

Nothing like working out with that view behind you.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Day

    • thanks, happy to be back working on the blog. We are off to Montevideo for a few days starting tomorrow, hope to have some nice pictures for the blog, Nancy

    • Thanks so much Leon. Will be postig more now that Joe is feeling better and we can get out and do things, Nancy

    • John and Mary, it is great low weights on the upper body machines and the others are based on your own body weight, so those it will take a while for me and Joe to get over 5 reps, ja ja Nancy

  1. Dso glad you are back to posting. Just read the previous blog and can understand why you stopded. Glad Joe is better. Wishing you many more happy adventures.

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