Uruguay Playing in the World Cup

It is big deal for Uruguay to be playing in the World Cup again. For such a small country of less than 3.5 million people they have qualified and participated in 12 of the 20 World Cups. They won twice and came in 4th on three different occasions the last in 2010.  Again, this is a huge accomplishment from a country with a population of under 3.5 million people.

Everyone in this country is excited about qualifying again for this years World Cup. It is being held in Russia in a few short weeks.

While Joe and I were out shopping we took the opportunity to get in the spirit.

4 thoughts on “Uruguay Playing in the World Cup

  1. It’s good to see your blog up and running again. It was missed as you are. remember my door is always open to you and Joe if you want to visit Ecuador

    • Thanks Joe, my Joe needs to heal a bit more before we decide on making any long trips. Would love to see the tremors stop and go back to our home in San Clemente, but we are doing our best here, Nancy and Joe

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