Bar Facal and The Locks Fountain

Bar Facal was founded in 1882 in downtown Montevideo. We stopped there one morning for a quick breakfast on one of our outings.  This the Italian Cappuccino and was served with churros.On the sidewalk outside the bar near to the fountain, is a full sized bronze statue of Carlos Gardel, a French composer, singer/songwriter and actor and the most prominent figure in the history of tango.

The Locks Fountain is located at the corner and was an amazing site.  Couples take a padlock, marked with their initials and lock it to the fountain. They say if you do this you will stay together and come back to visit the fountain.

6 thoughts on “Bar Facal and The Locks Fountain

  1. Good to hear from you Nancy! Sure have missed your updates! Mike and I are still in the states but we go to San Cruz del the mountains which is 4 hours from Guatemala City. Take care and be well!
    Blessing Always.

    • Karen, glad to hear from you and happy you and Mike are doing well. I am sure you are watching what is happening with the volcano in Guatemala, it is so difficult to watch. We have a friend living near to the lake that is near to the volcano. I am waiting for him to contact us with his status. Take care, be well, Nancy and Joe

    • Willian, there are a great deal of people here in Uruguay that speak English. Great for us as our Spanish is still poor. Nancy

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