Surprise Visitors at our Gate

Yesterday afternoon about 15 riders surprised Joe and I at our gate. There was a parade in San Jacinto the next town down from us and our dear friend Patricia and another long time friend Pablo, decided to bring their crew to our home for a visit.  After a short welcome, we brought out the beer for our dusty travelers and shared a laugh or two.

The most amazing thing besides the beautiful horses and some pretty fancy silver harness sets were the wooden saddles.  In my life, I have never seen a wood saddle and it was amazing how many were form fitted for what looked to be a very comfortable ride.  Our friend Pablo was riding bareback, he is such a wonderful horseman I guess he can do that. I am sad that the photo of him was just too blurry for me to post, I am sure they will be by to visit the next time they are coming by our home. The great thighs are Patricia’s by the way.

Enjoy, just another glimpse of the beauty of Ecuador and our own Manabita people.

12 thoughts on “Surprise Visitors at our Gate

    • Joe added that and yes, Patricia is a beautiful young woman. She will be happy to read your comment. She wanted me to get up on her horse and I knew I would make a complete fool of myself, so I declined but it would be fun to have her let me ride one day without all the guys hanging around…Ha Ha Ha

  1. Wait! You’re back in Ecuador? How did this happen? Are you there to stay? I liked your stories from here so much better, and your amazing pictures, though Uruguay was interesting- the people in San Clemente seem so endearing…and they don’t seem as warm in Uruguay so I hope this means you are going to stay! You all seemed so happy here.

    • Hi Liz, yes, we are back to stay…It was a very long and difficult year for Joe in Uruguay and as soon as we could come back we did. Enjoying the warm weather and loving being back in our old neighborhood with our great friends…Hope to get back to my blog a bit more often as soon as we can get settled back in..thanks for following us and I will start posting again very soon, Nancy

    • Hi Kristen, Well Patricia wanted me to get up on her horse and I gracefully declined as I know I would make a total fool of myself…One day I may have to take her up on her offer but with less folks watching as I attempt to get in the saddle, probably could use a large step ladder to get on, ha ha

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