Farallon Dillon Hostal – The People and The Food

Sorry this has taken me so long to complete. This is my last post on our stay at Farallon Dillon in Ballenita.  Here are some of the folks that made our stay at the Farallon Dillon so wonderful:

Dennys and his lovely wife helped to make our stay with them memorable.  We really appreciated their attention to all the little details.

David was also most attentive. His Long Island Iced Teas were “”to die for” and his knowledge of the area and history of the hotel made our stay more interesting.  He was kind enough to show us many of the rooms and we especially liked the beautiful room overhanging the cliff shown below.

What a view!!!

If you get the opportunity to visit, please do. The accommodations were very comfortable, the food was excellently prepared and served. My all time favorite dish has to be the Butterfly Swordfish with Garlic Wine Sauce. Second choice would be Mahi Mahi with Seafood Sauce. Joe liked the Seafood Rice and the Seafood Soup.

I took many pictures of the nautical antiquities Captain Dillon collected over his 30 years traveling the seas. For those who want to see more, I am posting them. You really should pay a visit yourself if the opportunity arises.

We will be going back to visit very soon.

Alexander and Marina Herrero

So many things about our trip to Farallon Dillon were unexpected joys –  the staff, the food, the drinks… but the most wonderful had to be finding Alexander and Marina Herrero giving free concerts each day we were there.

Alexander was born in Moscow studied at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Superior Academy of Art in Moscow. Marina started her training at five years old and graduated from Moscow’s Superior Academy of Music.  The combination of these two talented people gives you the most wonderful concert that you could ever expect.

I am only adding one of the many videos I took.  They both are extremely talented people.  We hope to see them again very soon.

Farallon Dillon Hosteria – Ballenita Part II

Sorry these posts got pushed aside for the last few days but I plan on completing my series on Ballenita and Farallon Dillon Hostel in the next few days.

I was determined to stick to my routine and walk the beach each day while we were here. I never realized just how many steps you need to climb to get back up.  One hundred and twenty-three to be exact. And that does not include the staircase to our room. It was a good workout. The beach is just beautiful – nothing except a few shells right in front of the hotel.

Unbelievable single family houses have been built right on the water. According to Dennys, the manager of the hotel, they are unoccupied except for a few holidays each year.

The hotel and restaurant are  filled with some beautiful artwork and nautical antiques and curiosities. Take a look:

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!

Ballenita Part I

We arrived in Ballenita on Friday early afternoon for our carnaval retreat.

The Hosteria Farallon Dillon is located directly on a bluff overlooking the beach in Ballenita.

Our room is very spacious and airy with big French doors to our balcony.

The view from our balcony looking up the coast towards Punta Blanca.

The sun setting behind the Captain’s museum.  Captain Dillon has accumulated a wonderful collection of ship memorabilia. It is on display in this former church located on the property.

The lighthouse tower has several rooms for rent. What a view looking out over the ocean from your own personal balcony.

More pictures tomorrow.