Parrot Nests

We have heard these parrots while strolling around last week in Atlantida.  They are about the size of a pigeon and they are noisy.  While walking back Joe looked up into the trees and saw these nests. You can just see one of the parrots peeking out of the opening.

This one tree looked like a Parrot Condo with one nest stacked on top of the next. All that’s missing is a little Se Alquiler sign!

Just Hanging Out At The Beach

San Clemente 9.25.2014 030There is a beautiful stretch of beach just south of Centro San Clemente where the fisherman have their boats. We have seen a great deal of pelicans as well as the blue-footed boobies just hanging out.

They look pretty happy and are not disturbed by people walking by or the fisherman working nearby.


Tiny Parrots

While out walking early each morning it is quiet, peaceful and with little activity so you notice the roosters, the dogs and hear the surf even while out on the main road. I also have heard what I thought were little parrots in two trees in the Vista Azul complex. Today I looked a little closer and saw them for the first time in a banana tree.

San Clemente 1.8.2014 001 San Clemente 1.8.2014 002

Nuestros Perros de la Calle

There are three dogs that protect the street we live on, The alpha dog Café is not as sociable as the other two. Beethoven and Baby Dog (my name for him as he has none that I know of) will sometimes come with me on my walks. That can be a good or bad thing depending upon the other dogs that are out and about.

This picture was taken from an empty lot near our home that overlooks the water. Joe and I bring our coffee many mornings and sit here just enjoying the water. This day the fishermen were dragging in their nets and two of our street dogs were very interested in the catch – or could it have been the birds?

San Clemente 10.31.2013 031They are working dogs and do an excellent job of informing all the neighborhood if something is not right. I did find that they do not like yellow taxis, have a true hatred for certain cars or maybe a driver who is driving too fast. Caution is necessary as they are not friendly. A friend from San Jacinto dropped by to visit one day while Baby Dog was sitting at our gate – Ken went to pet the dog and was snapped at. Thank goodness his reaction was fast or he would have gotten bit.  Because we have been feeding them for some time these two are very friendly towards both Joe and I. As soon as they realize it is us walking the street or disembarking the dreaded yellow taxi, they stop their barking and go about their business. It is good to be accepted!

A Few Unexpected Visitors

Baby doves have made a home on our fence for the past week. They have been fighting off cats that come around but have no problem flying away when danger approaches. They were very calm around both Joe and I not seeming to mind us at all when we were out working in the yard.

San Clemente 5.29.2013 043

They only stayed around for about a week and have moved on. Buenas Suerte amigos!

San Clemente 5.29.2013 041

Just so cute.

Skydiving for Fish

What a spectacular day on Thursday of last week when Joe and I went to sit out on the sand. When we got to the beach the fishermen had just finished pulling in their nets. The birds were going wild, swooping and dipping to get a fish.

The pelicans were sitting patiently for any bits of fish to come their way but the frigate birds were almost in a frenzy wanting their share.  The dog in the video was also waiting his turn for a fresh morsel.

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Levin’s Birdbath

This morning while having our breakfast out on the porch I was also watering the yard. The little doves are mostly interested in leaving their droppings on my newly painted white wall but this morning they found that the sprinkler was a very special place to gather. I dislike taking videos because it just takes way to long to upload them to YouTube but this morning I felt still pictures would not do these birds bathing any justice.

Our First Blue-footed Booby

While walking to the beach on Monday morning we saw this bird just hanging out on the rocks at the end of our street. I did not think much of it until I uploaded my pictures this morning and looked at those blue feet.

He was a bit far from home as I have been told that the Blue-footed Booby only can be found in the Galapagos and that is approximately 1090 kilometres (680 miles) from here.

He looked pretty content – maybe Manabi will be his new home!