Beach Trash

One day last week I was amazed to find so much trash on the beach and the walkway up from the beach. I pick up glass when I walk the beach because my walking companion Eva and I walk barefoot. So I do this to help myself as much as anyone else who happens to be walking. Cutting the bottom of my foot would put me pretty much out of business when it comes to doing anything because, without a car, we walk almost everywhere.

Here are some pictures of what I found in one 45 minute walk: diapers, plastic bags both large and small, Styrofoam plates, plastic cups, lids and utensils, a bag of chicken feathers and a bag of someone’s shellfish remains.

San Clemente 7.5.2013 059

San Clemente 7.5.2013 056 San Clemente 7.5.2013 058 San Clemente 7.5.2013 055 San Clemente 7.5.2013 054 San Clemente 7.5.2013 053 San Clemente 7.5.2013 051 San Clemente 7.5.2013 050 San Clemente 7.5.2013 049 San Clemente 7.5.2013 045 San Clemente 7.5.2013 044 San Clemente 7.5.2013 042

During carnival I walked our beach every day. Joe and I went there with a garbage bag and brought back a great deal of trash and left it for our trash men to pick up. We have several platforms and cages along the main road into town where folks from the houses above can place their garbage. It should not be a hardship while visiting here to take trash to one of these containers and leave the beach as beautiful as you found it. There is no excuse for garbage to be left on the beach – our trash is picked up at a minimum twice a week and some weeks they come by three times. And when there is a holiday or festival, they come by the next day to clean up the town.

San Clemente 7.5.2013 061 San Clemente 7.5.2013 060

Be kind to the folks following you here and for those of us who call San Clemente our home and do not leave your garbage on our beautiful beach.

Beautiful Boat Visits San Clemente

During carnaval Joe and I stayed home, we are not interested in getting wet or foamed so why put yourself in a position to be uncomfortable in your own town. We did work in our yard, listened to music and just basically relaxed. Really did not think we missed anything because after spending three years in Dolega with carnaval celebrated only one block away and temporada in Salinas for that one year right outside our windows, we are happy with peace and quiet. But as soon as everyone left and went back to their homes Joe and I rushed out to sit on our little beach. This is what pulled up in front of the Palmazul hotel earlier this week.

San Clemente 2.13.2013 022

It was a beautiful boat, they stayed for two days and when we went to the beach on Friday they were already gone.

San Clemente 2.13.2013 043

The water has been beautiful, warm and very inviting. When we were there on Friday one of the fisherman came down to tell us not to go into the water and actually waved for our neighbor Max and his son to come closer to shore. The waters here can generate an undertow. Joe is an excellent swimmer, was a lifeguard in his teens but that was over 40 years ago. We don’t take the chance and would strongly suggest that care be taken when swimming in our waters. One of the Expats  living here drowned in these very waters last year. Caution is advised!

The Beach, Carnaval Style

I decided to stroll down to the beach Sunday because so many people were walking by the house. I needed to see where all these folks were going.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 016

Our beach is normally empty except for a few fishermen or some kids surfing. Sunday there were sleeping tents, chairs and many folks in the water.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 025 San Clemente 2.10.2013 024 San Clemente 2.10.2013 023

Now the next picture is up by Meiers Bar and Restaurant.

San Clemente 2.10.2013 020

Looks like one heck of a party going on up there. I must tell you this was the best carnaval we have ever been through. Some music, many people but nothing to compare to Dolega in Panama or Salinas and Playas in Ecuador. It was a relaxing beautiful experience –  let’s do it again! It seemed to be more family oriented and not party animals and was a pleasure to witness.

So this morning Wednesday, Ash Wednesday to be exact, let’s take a look at the beach just to compare.

San Clemente 2.13.2013 005 San Clemente 2.13.2013 004 San Clemente 2.13.2013 003 San Clemente 2.13.2013 002 San Clemente 2.13.2013 001

The first thing I noticed was no people, the second was not a great deal of garbage. I like these people because they treated our beach like it was their home.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, back to normal. Just the way we like it.