Montevideo Metropolitan Cathedral

Also called Catedral Matriz or Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception this church is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese for Montevideo.  What a simple building.  Outside it is a modest looking building but once inside you are transported to another time.  It is not the most opulent church we have visited but it has been maintained in pristine fashion and the side altars are just breathtaking.

montevideo-2-1-4 montevideo-2-1-7 montevideo-2-1-8We arrived just as noon mass was starting in one of the side altars. The main part of the church was open to visitors.

montevideo-2-1-14Main altar.

montevideo-2-1-19Baptismal font.montevideo-2-1-18Lighting candles for both sets of parents.  May God Bless you, Mary Ann, John, Stacie and Joe  RIP.montevideo-2-1-17 montevideo-2-1-16 montevideo-2-1-15montevideo-2-1-22

montevideo-2-1-21Inside the cathedral are the tombs of some of the important figures in Uruguay’s history, these include religious figures and soldiers who died during the British invasion.  The tomb above holds the body of Mariano Soler one of the Archbishops of Montevideo.

montevideo-2-1-13montevideo-2-1-20 Just one of the beautiful buildings here in Montevideo.

“Follow Me, and I Will Make You Fishers of Men.”

San Clemente 9-9-2014 002 The Catholic church at the entrance to San Clemente recently received a new coat of paint. Today I noticed the beautiful painting on the entrance wall. This is a wonderful tribute to a fishing village.

San Clemente 9-9-2014 001If anyone knows the artist please let me know so I can give him/her credit.
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AH 1 N1 Virus – Coming To a Country Near You

While Joe and I were sitting at the bank in Portoviejo on Friday we saw an article about the growing number of deaths attributed to AH 1 N1 (swine flu virus) in some Central and South American countries.

As of Friday, Officials had confirmed six deaths so far in Ecuador and believe that one local death may have been from the virus spread through a local Catholic Church. The Church has changed their procedure in giving communion and even with shaking hands so as not to spread this disease further.  It has hit Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica and now Ecuador. Peru is cancelling some of their Festivals and some other areas of Ecuador are requiring face masks to enter health facilities.


An Update: From Today’s Portoviejo Newspaper, El Diario: On Monday afternoon, the website of the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported that, until Monday July 29, there have been 137 hit by the H1N1 flu virus, “of which 11 died.” As reported by the newspaper El Universo, the deaths are in seven provinces in the country: Pichincha, Tungurahua, Azuay, Manabi, Napo and Pastaza Rivers. One death is in Portoviejo, near us and another in Guayaquil to the south. In some of the areas, notably around Quito, visits to hospitals is being restricted and face masks are being worn.

Catholic Church in San Clemente

This is a beautiful little Catholic Church here in San Clemente. It is located on the road leading from Bahia to Portoviejo at the entrance to San Clemente.

San Clemente 12.14.2012 017

It is a very simple church inside and out. The one exception is it has very ornate ironwork doors that depict the chalice and host.

San Clemente 12.14.2012 020

The seating is wood benches with wood kneelers quite minimalist after growing up in a church where the seats were cushioned and the kneelers were padded as well.

San Clemente 12.14.2012 018

San Clemente 12.14.2012 021

It is a beautiful little church.

Hermanas Visiting San Clemente

No, sad to say not my sisters, although it would be great to have anyone from my family visit. These are Hermanas of the Catholic Church. I was raised with a healthy respect for the Sisters and Nuns of the Catholic Church. FYI, there is a difference – Nuns are cloistered meaning they live in a monastery and have no contact with the outside world while Sisters can work in many secular jobs. Growing up, we were not schooled in a Catholic school mostly because there were six of us and my parents could not afford to send us to private school. But we did receive religious instruction for many years from the Sisters who were associated with St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church back in Carbondale, PA.  I think their order was the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM).

While working my last job in Kennesaw, GA I worked with the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia and found the experience one that will stay with me for the rest of my life. These women who give their life to Jesus and the Catholic Church are just incredible in their belief.

So when I spotted these sisters, barefooted walking on the beach I could not resist taking a few photos.

I was happy to see them enjoying our little stretch of beach.