Monday Morning Running as Fast as I Can!

Monday is my morning for running around town between dropping off and picking up our laundry, stopping in the pharmacy for a few items, replacing our 5 gal containers of bottled water, stopping in the Agripac store for some heavy-duty insecticide because we have both big and little fast-moving ants that are driving both Joe and I nutzzzzzz, running into the bank for a little cash and finally making a stop in one of the bigger supermarkets to get my food shopping started for the week. It is a marathon morning like running a 5k race.

I switch back and forth between Super Tia and Gran Aki for my shopping. Each store has different items that I am interested in purchasing so I shop at both. With Tia you can sign up for a Tia card.

The red card is the one you give to the cashier when you are paying for your order, the blue card is used to transfer the points into cash and you use it to pay for your groceries. I had no idea until last month what this card was for but I got $20 worth of free groceries just for using my card.

I was handed this great beach umbrella this morning when I was leaving the store.  Can’t wait to try it out on the beach this week.

I had to go into the bank today. The banking system at Banco de Guayaquil is that upon entering the bank there is a machine that dispenses numbers for the tellers or customer service representatives for the services that you require. Before I could turn around from getting my ticket my number had already been called and they had moved on to the next number.  It was Monday morning, in the past I have waited for 25 to 35 minutes for my turn but today was completely different. I did not realize it until the machine was already two numbers past mine. The young man who I normally use saw my face as I held up my already passed number and motioned for me to wait behind the person he was serving. Years ago I gave up carrying a wallet and a big purse, I now carry a fabric zipper shoulder bag with my ID and cards held together with an elastic band. I know I must look like a bag lady to this young man, today he saw me fumbling yet again with my elastic band and cards and handed me this cute little card holder.

I felt like I won the jackpot in a lottery. Mine is a sweet little life with little joys from folks that you would never expect. I truly feel blessed, I love these Ecuadorian people they are just beautiful people.

Discount Cards

I just love using the local discount cards –tarjetas de descuento.

I just purchased the Pharmacy discount card, there are two Pharmacy stores in el Shopping Center. It cost $5 for a year. Every time I use my card I will get a discount. The card says the discount is 20% on medicine and products – also a 50% discount on services at Salud, I will need to ask my new friend Belen if this is true. I have used it but it does not look like I am getting 20% more like 10% but that is okay with me if I am savings on drugs and supplements. I very seldom leave the store without spending at least $60. I would get $6 x 12 months or $72 dollar savings or $67 after the cost of the card.

The second card is the Mi Comisariato supermarket card. This card cost around $30 if I remember correctly and is good for a year. I replaced this card in June and it has saved me hundreds of dollars on items that I have purchased at Hipermart. If you shop at Junior the small store located one block off the malecon they do not require that you show your card but still give you the regular store discount as well as on Wednesday for fruits and veggies and on Friday for all meats but if you go to Hipermart in the mall you will need to show the card to get the discount.

The last card is my Supermaxi card this was $44.80 and is also good for one year. This also saves you on your grocery purchases.