Finding a helping hand: Continued

This is the continuing saga of the “package in customs”. To recap: I found out that a package that we ordered from the US back the middle of February was shipped on February 25 and was received in Ecuador on March 9 and on March 15 went to customs. I received no notification and discovered after several visits to the post office on March 30 that it was being held up in customs.  First I was told that I required an authorization from Salud before it could be released to me, but after many trips back to the post office all they were looking for was a description of the herbal item that we had ordered. Yesterday, May 24th I finally received the package.

The aggravation level, telephone calls, visits and trying to explain yourself is way beyond what is necessary to have a quiet and peaceful life here. I must thank Belen from Salud and Solomon from Ecuador Correos for all their help with phone calls to customs finally getting my package released.

I just found out about a service that the Ecuador Post Office offers  that is called Club Correos. I am going to look into this service for those items that are impossible to find here. You can view their website at

Now back to my sandchair and book!