Lalo’s in Portoviejo Centro

When we go into centro Portoviejo we always try to stop and get a hot dog or hamburger at Lalo’s. This is a very small kiosk at one corner of the Super Exito shopping building. It is small, it is a tight fit on the tiny stools, not much counter space, it is always crowded with locals catching a quick bite on the run. BUT IT IS GREAT!  Again yesterday we stopped, what a treat.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 010

I normally have the hamburger but have never been able to finish it so yesterday I ordered the hot dog. That is what the gentlemen is making in the above picture. It is a Juris foot long hot dog, that has been simmered in a most excellent sauce made with white onions, ketchup, mustard and of all things Tampico orange drink. This is piled high in an egg hot dog roll and topped with a mayonnaise sauce and grated fresh cheese.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 011

San Clemente 6.3.2013 009

Okay, I ate most of it before I took the picture, but this shows just what is in each bun.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 012

Lalo’s is a favorite when we are running around Portoviejo. If you get a chance to stop in do try the hot dogs Joe and I both highly recommend them. And the young man who runs the place is fast and seems to enjoy his work. Oh yes, a lot of joy for $1.50.

San Clemente 6.3.2013 013