Things I Have Not Seen Before

You would think by this stage in our lives that we would have seen just about everything, well we haven’t…..So this store was a shock to both Joe and I. Sure in college we saw stores that had a few items for sale but to see a store just for marijuana paraphernalia – never before. It is legal to buy marijuana in Uruguay, if you are a citizen. It is controlled by the government and there is a procedure you must follow to buy it. I do not know what the process is and because it is not “our thing” we will probably never know it. But when you are walking down a very busy street in Montevideo you must stop and take a look at what items are sold here. JUST because it is so unbelievable. Sorry the pictures are not that clear, I would not go inside the store, if felt a bit uncomfortable to me. We had no idea what we were looking at but it was a happening place for sure.  Here you will find locals smoking in public, at the beach, sitting around with friends and it is a normal occurrence.  We are still amazed when you can smell it right out in the open.  Okay, we’re kinda sheltered I know – commuted to college, missed out on a lot.  We like beer, though – does that count? You can also legally grow a few plants and there are many grow stores, they call them – set up for that.  Again, for us, beer and an occasional shot of rum will do it.  Brain function is down enough as it is!