Starbucks First Store in Uruguay

Starbucks Coffee opened their first Uruguay store in Montevideo Shopping in April of this year.

We happened to walk by and saw this incredible line out the doors waiting for a cup of coffee.  Good luck, the last time I was caught waiting in line was at Disney World in the 90’s.  Never again.

Shoe Styles Here In Uruguay

The first thing I must tell you is that fashion has taken a back seat for the past 7 years while living in Ecuador.  First we lived the entire time on the coast so flip-flops, shorts, tank tops and super casual was the order of the day. Actually it was very hard to find any type of covered shoe, only open toe or like I said flip-flops. And most shoes for women only went up to size 8 1/2. For a sneaker I need room so I want a 9 1/2 or better yet a 10 for them to be a comfortable walking shoe. With that being said it was kind of culture shock when we arrived in Montevideo.  The women were wearing these long dresses or long skirts everywhere plus these huge platform shoes and sandals with 4 or 5 inch platforms that looked like truck tires.

Also, it is a throwback to the 80’s. Most music that you hear in restaurants and the malls is 80’s USA music.  The Uruguayans seem to love everything 80’s.  I am not sure when this style of shoe was introduced back in the US, but I know I have not seen anything like it in years.

Here are a few pictures of what they are showing here for the fall.  Yes, we are in fall now going into our first winter. Every day an adventure! For me personally, I do not like this style.  But I am sure for the younger gals it would be wonderful.

Thank You Ecuador, Hello Uruguay

It has been an amazing seven years. We have lived in several different cities and visited many more in our time in Ecuador.

We are sad in many ways in leaving Ecuador and excited in many ways for yet another adventure. It was a difficult decision to make the move, leaving behind many great friends, but we have all those wonderful memories.

Our new adventure started on January 17th, saying good-bye to our neighbors and neighborhood and making our journey to Guayaquil.  The next morning we traveled by Latam from Guayaquil to Santiago, Chile and then on to Montevideo, Uruguay.

It was a very easy trip with overnight hotel stays both in Guayaquil and Chile. We made it and arrived at our new apartment on January 20th.

montevideo-1-20-13The apartment located on 26 de Marzo has a beautiful view of the water.  Small and compact it will be a breeze to keep clean.montevideo-1-20-2montevideo-1-20-3montevideo-1-20-4montevideo-1-20-6montevideo-1-20-7montevideo-1-20-8montevideo-1-20-9montevideo-1-20-10montevideo-1-20-11Montevideo is a big city with much to see and do.  I will be posting as we travel around the area looking for our more permanent home. We are now in the Buceo, or Nuevo Pocitos, area of Montevideo and enjoying it – we are right by their World Trade Center, Buceo Yacht Club and Montevideo Shopping Mall.