Celtic and French Folk Music in San Clemente

IMG_2097On Saturday my friend Eva called and asked if I would be interested in attending a Celtic and French Folk Music concert at Meier’s Sabor de Bamboo. It was a fun time with three young French travelers preforming for us.

It was a lovely performance, they are quite talented young people. Below is a video, remember this was taken at a bar/restaurant with many conversations going on around us.

Morning Serenade

This morning while waiting on the young man who delivers our bread (who has not arrived at this point) I heard music in the distance. Camera at the ready I caught this group of young men drive past our house.

San Clemente is celebrating its annual fiesta this weekend, so this may be a part of those festivities.

Los Corvets April 23rd

I saw this sign near Hotel Bleu this morning. The Los Corvets will be performing for the end of season wrap up on Saturday, April 23 here in Salinas.

Their website is found at http://www.loscorvets.com and below is the link to view a YouTube video.

Season, while not officially over until after Easter weekend, is surely dying quickly in the meantime.  The second season, as it were, will be upon us soon in June, July, and some of August. Then we chill until Independence in November, and Christmas and New years which marks the beginning of High season once again.

Alexander and Marina Herrero

So many things about our trip to Farallon Dillon were unexpected joys –  the staff, the food, the drinks… but the most wonderful had to be finding Alexander and Marina Herrero giving free concerts each day we were there.

Alexander was born in Moscow studied at the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Superior Academy of Art in Moscow. Marina started her training at five years old and graduated from Moscow’s Superior Academy of Music.  The combination of these two talented people gives you the most wonderful concert that you could ever expect.

I am only adding one of the many videos I took.  They both are extremely talented people.  We hope to see them again very soon.

Valentine’s Weekend Entertainment in Salinas

Excited is not the word when Joe told me that the Gipsy Kings would be performing at the Salinas Yacht Club this evening. Kiko Motos y los nuevos Gipsy Kings.

You need to be a member or a guest of a member to attend. Ticketshow is listing the cost from $82 to $102 per ticket.  The show will start at 9pm.  We hope to be able to enjoy the concert from the comfort of our balcony.

On my walk this morning I spotted the sign posted below:

And Patricia Gonzalez will be performing at Hotel Bleu this evening also at 9pm.

Ecuador Andes – these guys were great

This group was playing at Parque La Carolina when we were in Quito.  I like the pan flute but these guys did not do the standard stuff you hear they did their own take on Andes Music with a young contemporary approach.  We watched them perform for almost an hour they were very entertaining.