Spiny Lobster On The Wall

The lobsters that live on our coast are spiny lobsters. They have no claws but the most wonderful succulent lobster tail meat ever.  Our neighbor Sergio is the person who we buy from. We have not been able to buy lobster for several months as the government has an order for non-sales for lobster and crab during certain months of the year – I think when they are spawning.  We had our first for Mother’s Day weekend so great to have them back.  Several months ago Sergio came to my gate with a gift. It was the shell of a lobster, completely intact but totally empty. I have attached it to the wall on our porch, it is very beautiful to see how perfect this empty shell is. Make it a great day!


Rip Currents or Rip Tides

Today our friend Pepe (Jose Miguel Travieso Gutierrez) from Dolega, Panama had a post on Facebook that made me do some research. Our beach here in San Clemente has rip currents. It is not something that should be taken lightly as folks have died in our waters because the rip current has pulled them under and out into deeper water.

rip current 2 rip-lg rip currentJust yesterday in Miami Beach an elderly couple died because of a rip current.


The above pictures show how the surface of the water looks when there is a rip current and caution should be taken while even in very shallow waters.