When a great many people come to town for the holidays or vacation, the noise level is a bit of a problem. Our home is right on the street and our windows stay open all the time.  Mind you it is not a busy street normally but during this time of year many folks are in vacationing and the number of cars, trucks, and people walking by increases a great deal.  Joe found these little beauties at Fybeca Pharmacy in the SuperMaxi shopping center in Portoviejo.

San Clemente 1.2.2014 001If you are a light sleeper or have street dogs that just hate new cars on their street you may want to find these silicone ear plugs.  These are the children’s size because they did not have adult size. But they do the job and we get a good nights sleep using them. They did not block out all the fireworks but muffled it enough so that we were not awakened each time they were set off.

A good nights sleep is important to us old fogeys…

I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

It seems these days that I am sick for two weeks every month. Now, I am not a hypochondriac, and I have never considered myself to be sickly. I try to keep very active, spend a great deal of time outdoors, working with my plants, walk to the grocery and the mercados, eat fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken.  Then WHY am I now always sick and tired and no energy or any drive to do anything?

It has seemed to me that both Joe and I have been sick more than well while living in Playas these past 8 months.  I kept telling myself it was in my head, it could not be because of the dust in the air or the many months that we had so much rain that our yard was flooded.  After a wonderful few weeks up the coast, I am again under the weather, I attempted to doctor myself but when speaking to my friend Roger yesterday morning he suggested we go see his local doctor. I got there and within 10 minutes I was seated in front of Dr. Gregorio Andrade Yagual at his clinic located near the park and church in Playas. He is a young, very profession man with excellent care skills. Roger acted as my interpreter although Dr. Andrade spoke enough English that we could have handled it ourselves.

The bottom line is I have an infection in my throat caused by a sinus infection. The constant dripping down the back of my throat has caused me to cough for the past three nights keeping both Joe and I awake most of the night.  When I asked him why I have had so many issues with being sick over the past 8 months he informed me that the folks here are raised with the dust, the dry air and the on and off again rains. When folks from outside of Ecuador come here, because we have not been raised with these conditions, some of us become sick.

After taking the prescribed medications for just one day, I feel almost myself again. I am coming to the conclusion that the arid southernmost coast of Ecuador is not for us.


I know that I have mentioned this in several of my posts but I have not dedicated an entire post just to this product.  Last year while in Salinas I continued to have colds, flu, sinus or allergy issues. My dear friend Berty told me about BIRM.

She said that her mother had taken it because she was getting sick over and over and just could not shake it. Well after almost three bottles of it I actually stopped having the every few week cold / flu issues and started to feel like myself again. This past several months here in Playas both Joe and I have had a series of respiratory issues.  I thought I had allergies so I was taking Claritin D for almost a month, then sinus problems so I started using a very expensive nasal spray and finally a few weeks ago a full-fledged flu bug invaded our home so we were taking a list of pharmacy remedies. Both Joe and I are just now after almost three weeks getting over it. It was time to get out the Birm. I started my twice a day dose over a week ago. But still have such mucus in my chest that again last night I took a phlegm reducer called Bisolvon. The old saying goes “I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired”.  At $20 a bottle I hope Birm gets to working soon. What it is supposed to do is to balance your immune system.  They are doing trials at the U of Miami I’m told to see about its effect on certain cancers.

Birm also makes a face cream that I found in the pharmacy cost $17 a jar. I have used it for several months now, not sure if it is doing anything but I continue to use it. I’m told the doctor that discovered Birm is aged yet has the skin of a child. someone asked about it, he said must be from all the Birm he works with.  Thus the skin cream!

Have a great day!