One Vendor at the Mercado

Joe told me the pictures I took for my mercado story last week were a bit weak! He meant you really could not see the fruits or vegetables to get a good idea of what was for sale. When I went to my favorite young folks for my frutilla fix this morning I decided to take several more pictures.

Here’s an enlarged view of the prices in the previous photo.

These young folks are here every day of the week with fresh fruits and veggies. The young man speaks a few words of English and they are both very helpful.

New Bakery

Right next door to Pizza Piccola a young man has put in a bakery. Yesterday we strolled by while taking our laundry in and he had some really yummy looking items. We bought one of the coconut pastries (the center of which has a rich creamy filling), the red one, I’m sure it is some sort of fruit will be our breakfast treat in the morning and two hard rolls for our steak sandwiches this evening (my $2.80/lb.  leftover lomo fino (tenderloin) from  Friday nights dinner was perfect on these rolls with a bit of spicy horseradish sauce). The pastries are .25 cents each while the rolls were .10 each.

He had a great looking cake right on the top shelf but I fell in love with the coconut pastry and just could not justify a slice of the cake also.

One of the days we had pizza we stopped and he had made a pineapple cake. It was about 5 inches tall with a beautiful layer of chopped pineapple so we got a slice to share and it was excellent. The one thing that we have noticed is that,  like the Mexican pastries we found in Atlanta,  Ecuadorian pastries are not full of sugar with sugary icings, filled with sugary fillings – they taste great without putting tons of sugar in them –  and these taste pretty darn good!

This store is located one block off the malecon directly behind the big Pinguino Ice Cream store. Drop by and buy a few items to try.