Flower Show Everyday

Flowers have always been a part of my homes, fresh cut flowers to flower beds and pots overflowing with whatever is available. Here I am not having as much success as back in the states but I still continue to plant to find what will thrive in our area. This is what’s blooming in the garden now:San Clemente 9.25.2014 007 San Clemente 9.25.2014 008 San Clemente 9.25.2014 011 San Clemente 9.25.2014 012 San Clemente 9.25.2014 013 San Clemente 9.25.2014 014 San Clemente 9.25.2014 016 San Clemente 9.25.2014 019 San Clemente 9.25.2014 020 San Clemente 9.25.2014 021 San Clemente 9.25.2014 023San Clemente 9.25.2014 003San Clemente 9.25.2014 006

Hope you have a wonderful day!



Not a Hardware Store Here

San Clemente 9.25.2014 031I guess Pepe was tired of finding his tools and materials missing when his workers looked in his storage room. So he posted this sign telling anyone coming over to remove his materials that this storage unit was not a hardware store. I think Pepe or his worker who put up this sign have a pretty good sense of humor.

Joe and I got a good chuckle out of it.

Just Hanging Out At The Beach

San Clemente 9.25.2014 030There is a beautiful stretch of beach just south of Centro San Clemente where the fisherman have their boats. We have seen a great deal of pelicans as well as the blue-footed boobies just hanging out.

They look pretty happy and are not disturbed by people walking by or the fisherman working nearby.


Fruits and Peppers in the Garden

We have such an abundance from our garden.  Below are just a few of the fruits that we gather each week. I am happy to say that many of my neighbors and folks on my daily walk like guava or guayaba, everyone here uses lemons on almost a daily basis so we are happy to share what our garden produces. Some of our other trees do not yet produce enough to share a great deal. I just cannot use all that we get from our garden so giving the egg delivery guys a bag full of guayaba is a wonderful way to thank them for their service and use the extra fruits that Joe and I can not eat.

San Clemente 8.4.2014 048We are blessed to have found a home that had a garden filled with fruit trees. Each day we pick fruits for our table and share with neighbors and friends.

San Clemente 8.4.2014 036San Clemente 9.23.2014 011San Clemente 9.23.2014 029San Clemente 9.23.2014 027The above four photos are our pomegranate or granadas.  I have made Pomegranate Syrup to use on pancakes.

San Clemente 8.4.2014 043San Clemente 8.4.2014 046These are one of several lemon trees that give us fruit almost year round. The trees have just finished blossoming and we have picked all the old fruit to allow the new fruit all the nourishment the tree can give them.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 030San Clemente 9.23.2014 031San Clemente 9.23.2014 026The pepper plants in the ground are not as happy as the ones in the pot. Our soil is basically sand, I am amazed anything can grow in it.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 028San Clemente 8.4.2014 037Star fruit or fruta china is an exotic fruit, sweet, juicy. Wonderful for juice but they never make it to the juicer. With only one ripe at a time it is so easy just to wash it and eat it right out in the yard. And that is what I do most times.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 024This papaya is located outside our fence but it started from seeds that I tossed so I think of it as mine, ja ja  They are getting close, I just hope they are sweet with dark fruit, some of the lighter fruit papayas are tasteless.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 025San Clemente 8.4.2014 040Naranjilla is another exotic fruit and I do not think its natural habitat is on the coast. This is a sierra fruit but I found a tree and am babying it hopefully soon to put it in the ground.  The leaves and stems have thorns and can cause some good pinches. You can use the fruit for juice by boiling it for about 10 minutes and then blending and straining, adding water and some sugar. I like to use it in Seco de Chivo or Seco de Pollo.

San Clemente 9.25.2014 024Our guava or guyaba tree seems to be always producing. I make marmalade and paste from the fruit as well as an occasional batido. The tree is also a wonderful shade tree to keep our little yard cool during those hot sunny days.

San Clemente 9.23a.2014 002San Clemente 9.23a.2014 001Thanks for taking the tour of our garden which is only 20 x 30 feet. Small but filled with such surprises. And smiles.

Iguana Visit

Everyday we see something new either in our garden, on our walk around town or down by the beach. Yesterday was no exception. I was working in the kitchen when I heard some branches moving in the yard. I stepped out on the porch and found a new visitor in our lemon tree.

San Clemente 9.23.2014 013

San Clemente 9.23.2014 015He was not to thrilled to see me and took off soon after this picture was taken. But at least now I think I know where some of the missing fruit goes.

Fire Hydrant in San Clemente ???

I walked by this and said what? A fire hydrant in San Clemente?  I thought I was seeing things so decided to let you all see it for yourselves.

San Clemente 9.20.2014 024Just not sure why there would be a fire hydrant. San Clemente only has water service a few days a week, this fills our cisterns and is then turned off. Do you think we will be getting water service full-time?