Could this be finished?

Yes, I am talking  about the sand castle. Here is today’s picture. What do you think finished or more to come?

When I am sure it is finished I will do a slide show so you can see the progress over the several weeks that they have worked on it. I’m quite impressed with it this far.

Sand Castle update

The sand castle is coming along, look at all the additional towers they have added just since last week.  I have great respect for these guys, they are making a career of working on this just enough each day to hold our interest and collect a few more tips. I love this country!

Do you think it will ever get to look like this one  in Australia?

Intricate sand castle sculpture, approx. 10 fe...

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Town was very busy this past weekend with large groups of folks visiting. The weather was nice but not much sun, I guess if you live in the mountains where it is cold this is just perfect for going in the water. Not me, I have been wearing long pants and a jacket most days…