Roof Painting, Yes You Heard Me!

While living in South Florida we knew many retirees that owned and lived in mobile homes. Each year they had to paint the roofs which we were told helped reflect the sun and helped keep the inside cooler. Living in San Clemente we really have no need for a heater, most times you really don’t need an a/c unit, forget about a fireplace or hot water we only have suicide showers and our home does not have one pane of glass in any window. All we have are screens with wooden shutters for windows.

Our first hot season the house really heated up, as soon as the sun hit the dirty almost black roofing it turned into an oven. So we talked to our neighbor David (pronounced DA VEED) and had him pick up the supplies and hire a guy to help him clean, patch and paint our roof as well as adding an extension of roof panels to the porch area and while he was doing that we had him add a wooden beam so we could hang bamboo blinds to help even more to shade our porch area.

San Clemente 1.7.2014 011 San Clemente 1.7.2014 012 What a huge difference all of these improvements have made on the interior temperature of the house. At a minimum it is making a 10 degree difference.

We also purchased two exhaust fans that will be installed one in the kitchen/salon area and one in the master bedroom up near the ceiling to help remove any hot air trapped up near the ceilings.

The Stinging Sun

This past week two things happened to make me wake up to how hot and how strong the sun is this time of year. I fell asleep in the hammock one day last week and woke up to a stinging pain on my face below my right eye. I thought I had gotten a bite and asked Joe to see if he could find where the actually bite mark was and maybe put one of his ointments on it for me. He could not find the mark and within a few hours it was red and burned like heck. It took me several days to figure out what I had done, in the meantime it looked as if I was hit in the face under the right eye. Then I noticed a few stripes on my forehead, that were actually sun burn marks. I am fastidious about keeping the sun off my face after moving to Florida back in the 70’s and seeing the faces of the old women on Miami Beach after years of sun abuse.  I use a face cream with a 15 SPF every day and always wear a hat when I am outside and 50 or 60 sunblock when we sit on the beach. The sun has shifted in the sky and the corner of our hammock obviously is getting the full force of that sun in the afternoon. The second thing that made me very aware of just how hot the sun is this time of year is when Joe and I walked down the beach to catch the bus to San Jacinto last Friday morning. I was wearing a sleeveless blouse and when I got home my shoulders, arms, chest and back were a bright red from that short walk up and down the beach.  DO NOT underestimate the sun here, it is very strong and March seems to be the worst time of the year.

San Clemente 3.22.2013 004

We normally use 50 block while on the beach but during this time of year I have started to wear it every day along with a healthy dose of Detan for the mosquitoes. If visiting or living here on the coast please do yourself a favor and wear sunblock and repellent every day.

The weather has been beautiful and I do not want to complain but am very excited about the cooler weather right around the corner.