Downing of Palm Trees

I have seen on the news the damage done in San Alejo, San Jacinto and San Clemente from the high tides this past few weeks.  We did have some damage on the property next door to where we are staying in Manta. The property facing the ocean was lined with beautiful large palm trees.IMG_2669First two fell over, then the next high tide 5 more.IMG_2666 IMG_2670It was sad to see such beautiful trees tossed into a truck and hauled away.  Mother Nature, what can I say.




This morning around 7:45am Eva, Pepita and I were starting out for our walk from the fishermen’s ramada on the beach near my home. We try to time our walks to low tide because most of this area of Clemente has little or no beach at high tide. The surf was pounding so hard that I could hear each crash of the waves from inside our home…high tide was 2:24am – this was not high tide it was very near to low tide  – 8:24am  – so to hear the waves crashing means that the surf is very high and very strong. The one woman who lives right near the fisherman told Eva that we were having an Aguaje (translated unusually high tide or rough seas). Very few boats were out in the water actually I only saw one fishing boat leaving shore during our entire walk.

Click on the link below to see a short video on youtube of the beach this morning.

This is the aguaje chart for 2013:

It looked to be low tide but we were surprised several times on our walk when the waves came so far inland and at one point all three of us were wet almost to our waists when one wave crashed onto our walking area hundreds of feet from where it broke out at sea.