Carnival Salinas 2011

We have decided to pass on carnival this year. Our four years in Panama with carnival celebrated one block from our home gave us all of this type of festivities we could handle in a lifetime.

Below is a poster we saw at the local restaurant last week.

As you can see from this poster the entertainment is for the younger set. I’m sure that La Vencia, Mr. Wilson, Mac Delincuente and Big Marvin will put on a grand show along with DJ Rakataka and Mc Lovel.

If your planning on being in Salinas from March 4 through March 9 you will no doubt see some outrageous activities. We have heard that besides water you can be covered with flour and assorted other substances. A taxi driver said the new thing is spraying paint in your face. What fun.

The above canisters contain silly string, I have seen these being sold in the bigger supermarkets since before New Years. They will be used during carnival.

It looks like there were be other activities for the folks at this site near the Alamar building.

Have a wonderful Carnival 2011 in Salinas.