A stroll through Chipipe

After taking our laundry in, we decided to take a stroll through Chipipe.  We don’t often walk the streets behind the malecon because our fascination with the water, the beach and all that can be seen on the malecon keeps us going back for more.  But on this lovely morning we decided to stroll around the Chipipe area slowly; no real purpose,  just some quiet time.

We found a beautiful park. It is not very big but with some trees for shade, benches for a quick respite, and some beautiful flowers and birds.

The place was immaculate: not a leaf on the walkways, benches in good repair, trees and bushes pruned and no basura to be seen anywhere.

The above statue is of General G. Alberto Enriquez Gallo. According to the plaque he founded the Canton of Salinas.

It is a beautiful place just to sit and relax. Have missed the birdsong so prevalent in Panama, we will return.

We saw several birds on our visit.

This park is very close to the military base and we just could not help ourselves when we saw this whirlybird. Hope you had a great day also!

Mar y Sol Restaurante, Chipipe

A few times recently while out for our walk we have stopped to have a quick lunch at Mar y Sol – of course I either forgot to take pictures or didn’t have my camera with me. But last week I had the camera and remembered to take pictures.

It is a little restaurant at the end of the street directly across from the Catholic church as you first enter Chipipe.

On the other occasions that we have eaten almurzo at Mar y Sol this lovely woman has made a seafood soup that was overflowing with crab, mussels, calamari, fish and shrimp. I cannot praise the seafood soup enough. To see a bowl-full of seafood excellently prepared and as fresh as can be, in a $2 meal, well, I was flabbergasted. Today the soup was Fresh Queso (cheese) with beef, a substantial first course.

The segundo (second course or entrée) was two fillets of corvina (seabass) lightly battered and fried, with a side of rice, patacones and a green salad. This meal comes with a glass of fresh juice which was a tart lime. This is one of the places that serves your soup course first and gives you time to eat that before you entrée arrives to the table.

Just another eating adventure – I know is sounds like all we do is eat but why cook for two people? The shopping, preparation, actual cooking and then to clean up — I can’t possibly do that for $2 a meal… yes, I am retired but still my time could be better used walking the beach, snoozing in my hammock or reading Dirk Pitt novels…