Ship Ahoy!

Many times when we are at the beach we have noticed shrimp boats out in the water. Yesterday I just assumed that the ship in the distance was just that a shrimp boat. Joe disagreed and I just hate when he is right.

Maybe I have been wrong other times as well, Naw, not possible, ha ha  We often saw the Navy ships on the coast in Salinas, you can see pictures in past blog articles if you want to see some pretty sharp ships. The most enjoyable to see is the tall ship the Guayas, what a magnificent boat.

Other posts I have done on the Ecuadorian Navy ships. Just put the title listed below in the search box and these older posts should pop up.

Ahoy Matey! Tall ship off the balcony! posted 7.19.2010

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Also our friends Mary and John McDonald living here in San Clemente saw the same boat yesterday, we spotted John watching and taking photos, to see their article go to:  t

Enjoy your weekend.

Wake-up call at 6AM

One of the facilities for all sectors of Ecuador’s military has a base at the end of this Peninsula.  Every other morning one of the groups runs down the beach. Most mornings I’m not awake enough to get a video but this morning I heard them and jumped up to get a look.  It was still pretty dark and the first video I took where they were running  on the beach may not make it to this post because it will be entirely too dark but the second when they were running back down the street may be good enough to view.  If you know what they are yelling please let me know.