Flowering Plants, Trees and Vines to Start Off the New Year!

The beach here has almost no beach at high tide so I walk on the road when the tide is high which is often. My walking routine starts at 6am because once the sun come up I find it too hot for a brisk walk. I have taken these walking opportunities to take some photos of the beautiful flowers around town.


San Clemente 10.7.2013 012San Clemente 10.7.2013 013San Clemente 10.7.2013 014San Clemente 10.7.2013 018San Clemente 10.31.2013 004San Clemente 9.21.2013 014San Clemente 10.2.2013 007 San Clemente 10.2.2013 008San Clemente 10.7.2013 015 San Clemente 9.11.2013 004 San Clemente 9.11.2013 007 San Clemente 9.11.2013 008 San Clemente 9.11.2013 010 San Clemente 9.11.2013 011 San Clemente 9.11.2013 012 San Clemente 9.11.2013 013 San Clemente 9.11.2013 017 San Clemente 9.11.2013 018 San Clemente 9.11.2013 021 San Clemente 9.11.2013 023 San Clemente 9.11.2013 029 San Clemente 9.21.2013 002 San Clemente 9.21.2013 003 San Clemente 9.21.2013 006 San Clemente 9.21.2013 011

San Clemente 9.21.2013 030 San Clemente 9.21.2013 036 San Clemente 9.21.2013 039 San Clemente 9.21.2013 042 San Clemente 9.21.2013 043Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo to all our family and friends.

Naranjilla in Bloom

The other day while watering my plants I took a good look at my naranjilla plant (gift given to me by Deborah Millard just a few months ago) and was very surprised to see it was in flower. It is so small I just did not feel it would start to bear fruit for years, much less in a handful of months.

San Clemente 9.5.2013 007 San Clemente 9.5.2013 006 San Clemente 9.5.2013 004From searching online it looks like even this little plant can have fruit.  Not sure if I should allow it to continue to fruit or get rid of the flowers so that the tree itself would strengthen, if anyone has any experience with naranjilla let me know what you think.

What a fragrancia!

There is a big bush next to the porch at the front of the property that I could take or leave. It is just big and bushy but actually would not have been my choice as a plant for this yard until yesterday. It is covered with these little white flowers that smell like jasmine or honey suckle. It wafts into the house and envelopes you with this unbelievable aroma, it is sweet, it is flowery and it is wonderful!

There are even more blooms today and the house smells absolutely wonderful.

I am actually trying to get a few cuttings to root, wish me luck as this would be a great addition to my garden.