Out and About

David Zambrano and his family are our neighbors living only two doors away from us.  David has been our Go To person for any issues we have on the house.  He is an excellent electrician and plumber. Several weeks back he had an accident and has been flat on his back since.

Yesterday he was out and about in his wheelchair.

IMG_2942Always smiling!  God bless him.

If you live here and can come by and visit I know he would appreciate it. Laying in bed all day can be very boring.

At his last doctors appointment he was told he could stand with the help of a walker and take three steps, three times a day. Progress. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

Bamboo Construction

Joe and I have thought about adding a ramada to our garden area. Every time we pass this second story construction going out-of-town we stop to take in the details that these workman have added to make this not just a porch but a real tropical retreat.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 001

The detail is exceptional. I am not sure if we can build this a full two stories just bamboo and have it strong enough but I am sure willing to check it out.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 001 (3) San Clemente 8.31.2013 001 (2)Just look at the detail work. I am so amazed at what you can do with bamboo.

EDIT TO ORIGINAL POST:Received this email from our friend Jackie Ross and wanted to share it with all of you:

Hi Nancy–just saw your blog re: bamboo.  Thought that I would let you know that we found out last Fri at lunch that the bamboo construction cost $30,000.   The workers and I all almost fell out of our chairs.  So before you decide that you want the same thing, just wanted to give you a heads up.  However, it is beautiful.  Everytime the workers and I drive past, we comment on it and think it is absolutely fabulous.  But after we heard the price tag decided it was definitely out of my budget.   Jackie   

and ours as well, thanks Jackie for the information, Nancy

Sonia’s Ramada

Earlier this week I heard some work going on up the street and found out that Sonia had decided to add a ramada to her backyard. In two days the building itself was completed and today they are leveling the soil and cleaning up.

San Clemente 8.31.2013 004 San Clemente 8.31.2013 003

I can see the hammocks lined up now, with Sonia and her son enjoying the freshness under this wonderful ramada.  Beautiful addition to this lovely home. Fiesta anyone?

Horseradish Plant is Thriving

About two months ago Liz and Bill visited and brought me a beautiful horseradish root. I actually cut it in half as I could not part with the entire root and planted the one half in the ground at the beginning of one of my flower beds. I held out little hope that this would grow here after reading several accounts from other more experienced gardeners than myself that theirs never even came out of the ground here on the coast.

Below is a picture from March 24th where it started to sprout.

San Clemente 3.24.2013 015

The photo below was taken a few days ago.

San Clemente 4.26.2013 001

I actually don’t think I gave this plant enough room to grow but with our yard as small as it is, well I guess this will have to do for right now. I did a bit of reading and found out that the plant can grow to almost two feet high, is a perennial and will continue to grow for three years. The leaves can also be cut and eaten raw and have the same spicy taste as the root.

I am now researching how to can or somehow preserve what I hope to harvest..Just another day at the little house on the costa..

First Aid for my Coconut Palms

For months I continued to procrastinate on re-potting my two coconut palms. The pots I had them in were just a tiny bit bigger than the actually coconut and when I potted them I knew it was a mistake, but they survived. This week I purchased huge rubber pots and finally moved them. The pots were inexpensive at $7 a piece. I came across a man behind the mercado with a small plant stand who also sells potting soil. It is the lightest potting soil I have ever seen. Mostly ground leaves, not twigs or pine cones like some that I have purchased in the past. A 40 lb feed sack was $3. I could not resist purchasing four herb plants including two types of basil, local oregano and mint. Before the afternoon was over I had re-potted the two palms, one flowing vine (that I am not sure is going to make it) and all four herb plants.

And while I was at the store that sells plastic items I found one of those wooden beach chairs that Joe loves so. When I delivered it to Joe you would have thought I had given him a million dollars. We do have simple tastes these days and the smallest kindness goes a long way.

My plants actually looked better in just a few days. It is not necessary to plant herbs here as fresh herbs are very inexpensive and plentiful at the mercado as well as the grocery stores but having my own mint in the back yard whenever I want to make a mojito or add a few leaves to a  salad really makes me happy.

Adding to my plant treasure my friend Miguel came by a few days ago with four hot pepper plants.

Now I will allow the palm trees to settle in and then I will fertilize the heck out of them to see what they really can do…