What the Garden Looks Like Today

We really have not made a great deal of changes to the garden, well I guess I need to take that back. We have had to chop down dead branches on almost every tree, cut foot long grass from the entire area and now pull weeds but have not put a great deal of money into the yard only time and hard work. So to look back on the garden and then look at today’s photos you would say we have done a great deal of work cleaning it up. First what it looked like beforehand, this was the first time we had seen the property back in May.

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 020

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 021

San Jacinto Clemente 4.28.2012 022

I look back and you can’t even see the fence at the back of the garden it was so overgrown.  Here are todays pictures.

San Clemente 12.4.2012 002

San Clemente 12.4.2012 003

San Clemente 12.4.2012 005

Boy can I see a difference. And we have just begun…wait until we put in some furniture and I finish with making planters on the sidewalk…