Lomo Fino

Saturday Joe and I headed to the La Libertad seafood and veggie markets. I had my list. I wanted lomo fino (tenderloin), marlin, shrimp and a bit of veggies and fruits.  We found a beautiful two-pound piece of marlin at $2 per pound and extra-large shrimp at $5 per pound which was only 6 shrimp (they were big boys). I also purchased two pounds of regular sized shrimp for $3 per pound.  I freeze some of the fish and shrimp and try to use it up within two weeks. If you defrost under running water it is comparable to fresh without having to buy fresh each day. For our evening meal on Saturday I made marlin steaks with a dipping sauce of fruit juice, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. Appetizers were hot & spicy sautéed shrimp. Perfect! Not every meat stall has lomo fino. We found this beautiful tenderloin – a bit over six lbs total – and purchased it for $14.75 total.  I cut both ends off and will thinly slice to make either stir fry or fajita, eight steaks and a Chateaubriand. I made the fajita on Tuesday night and they were a big hit. Meat was so tender and juicy – excellent meal!  You can also find several vendors selling pork or chicken.  We love walking the stalls in the mercados and the surrounding streets looking for the best fish, shellfish, meats, vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs available that day.

For 25 cents I found a large bunch of fresh lemon grass for soup and Malaysian Curry Chicken.  Fresh large strawberries were $1 for 1 1/2 lbs., 25 limes (called Limon here) for $1. A bag containing  four small tomatoes, two green peppers and three red onions for $.50.