New Year’s Eve Effigies

Effigies are a part of the New Years Eve celebrations all over Ecuador. Every city that we have lived in had its own assortment of plaster of paris heads or complete characters from politicians to something out of a horror movie. From as small as a baby doll to as large as a dragon and everything in between,

For several days before New Years Eve you will see a parade of vehicles with their effigies propped in the back of their truck, peering out a side window or even better sitting in a chair on their porch.

San Clemente 10.31.2013 011The above photo is the neighbors across the street from our house. They are ready for a big night.

San Clemente 12.31.2013 001Our Mototaxi driver stopped by to wish us a Happy New Year with his effigy attached to the back of his mototaxi…how much fun is this?

Tonight is the night effigies will be dragged to the center of town or onto the beach or the end of their street and set on fire. Most will be filled with a written list of the bad things from 2013 and some will be stuffed with fireworks.  Then the bonfires will be lit – stand back and enjoy!

Happy New Year!