Don Diego is in the Neighborhood

I know it sounds like I am bragging, well YES I am. To have so many vendors pass by your house is a wonderful treat. Do you like smoked pork chops, how about bacon, what do you think about salami, hot dogs??? Well we have watched as the Don Diego meat truck passes the house every Thursday the past several months.  The driver thinks he is Mario Andretti and drives like a demon so I have been unable to get my whistle out fast enough to catch his attention. Yesterday, I saw him pass at the speed of light yet again so I had Joe get me a $20 bill while I opened the gate. At a run, like an Olympic sprinter, I got down to the corner as they were totaling the items that Estrella at the tienda was ordering for her personal use, she does not carry these products for sale.

I was able to buy the following items:

San Clemente 1.3.2013 004

The price I paid was $15.46.

  • Salami $2.77 package price $3.31,
  • Bacon $3.31 with IVA $3.71 package price $5.25,
  • Smoked Pork Chops 6.05 with IVA $6.78 package price $9.56
  • Sliced Ham 2.21 package price $2.85.

I had never noticed before but IVA is paid on the pork chops and the bacon but the sliced meats were exempt.  Savings of over $5 plus IVA by stopping the truck plus I don’t need to go to Portoviejo and schlep these items back from either Super Maxi or Mi Commiseriato.