Thursday is Pork Day

Most Thursday mornings the family that sells pork and beef drives by with that days slaughter. I purchased 7 lbs of beautiful lomo fino (tenderloin) of pork. Half went into the freezer already covered with the dry rub, while the other half went into the refrig for its rest until this morning when I cooked it up.

I had to take a few pictures because these guys are just so sweet, the father was not with them this morning so I was only able to get photos of two of the sons. Here is a series of photos, I guess they wanted to look more macho so smiling too much was not how they wanted to be portrayed.

San Clemente 3.14.2013 004

San Clemente 3.14.2013 005

San Clemente 3.14.2013 006

The pork had marinated and this morning I had it in the pressure pot by 7am. While out this afternoon Joe and I stopped by Jesus’s place and picked up fresh rolls, I made cole-slaw and invited David Hitchcock over for a quiet dinner. It was fun, the pork was excellent and life could not get any better.