Shelving for The Salon

I have a stack of drawings with all the things Joe and I want to do inside the house.

Salon Shelving 2013We decided to live in the house, get a feel for what we really needed in the way of storage and then have the work done. We have looked at flat pack shelving units as well as talking to several craftsmen. After Max completed the installation of the shelving in our storage closet as well as under our sink and counter we decided to talk to him about our plans. We pulled out our stack of crude drawings and had him take a look. He said it could be done and he would be happy to help us so off we went to the wood shop in Charapoto and purchased the wood, took it to another wood guy who glued 7″ wide boards together to make the size I wanted and Max started the process of sanding, painting and putting it all together.

Our rooms are small, only a little over 9 feet wide, so leaving it natural wood would have made the rooms look even smaller – so everything has been painted white. That was a difficult decision as I really do like the look of natural wood, but we had to compromise to make it look good, next we will be painting all the doors and trim work in white as well. But that was not part of this job.

San Clemente 12.22a.2013 003Above. Max is working hard to make each shelf even, the wood here is a bit wonky and much coaxing needs to be done to get it to be straight. Bless his heart, he used hundreds of wood screws to secure the shelving to the walls.

San Clemente 1.3.2014 006 San Clemente 1.7.2014 005It is beautiful!  Thanks Max you did a wonderful job. All we need now is a flat screen tv for the large open space on the right hand side and it will be perfect. And now, on to the next item on our wish list. . . . .where’s that drawing?