Paola Delivers Lunch

Our neighbors are pretty cool. If it’s not one handing stone crabs over the gate it’s another sharing Viche for our lunch yesterday. (The crabs over the gate thing happened yesterday – Eric gave us 2 huge stone crabs and then later Erica his sister gave us 3 more! gotta love this place).

San Clemente 6.18.2013 017Okay, back to the viche de langosta.

This soup was made with lobster, madura and green plantains, carrots, and corn all simmered in a peanut broth. It is one of our favorites.

If I had to choose the best food that we have eaten while outside of the US it would have to be the cooks of Manabí and Paola would come in first place. Other items that she has shared with us were lapangachos – it s a stuffed potato or yucca fritter filled with meat or chicken. She has also made a fried shrimp dinner that had a chicharone coating on the shrimp. The next cook would need to be Sonia and her lobster and crab ceviche. Living here has been a unbelievable experience in the Manabí art of cooking.

Thanks vecinos (neighbors) you made our day!

Chifa Restaurant Wang – (Wang Chinese Restaurant)

Recently a Chinese restaurant opened here in Salinas. It is located one block off the malecon almost directly behind Banco Pichincha.

We ordered sweet and sour chicken and sweet and sour pork combos at under $5 per person. They came with two large fried won-tons, a tasty fried rice that had a few small shrimp and a bit of chicken, a nice-sized portion of sweet sauce (I was hoping for more of a sweet and sour) with red and green peppers and onions but my dish was very skimpy on the chicken with only 3 0r 4 small pieces.  The restaurant itself was clean and freshly painted with one table outside, three tables inside and the kitchen in back.  I would go back and try something different from the menu and will post again.

Sorry about the photo – a bit blurry because of the back-lit menu display. They do offer a churrasco dinner on the menu, noodle dishes and several soups but it was just too warm on Saturday evening to try any soup.

It would also be great for takeout because it is located a few short blocks from our apartment and we were told they will be open 7 days a week from 12 noon until midnight.