Entertaining at Home

We enjoyed a lovely evening with our friends Monica and John on Friday evening. They live just a few blocks away in Chipipe.  It was one of those nights that was just  so nice you didn’t want it to end. Great company, we had a few cocktails, enjoyed some excellent conversation and then had dinner.

Monica is Ecuadorian from Guayaquil while John is an expat from the US.

I could not resist and made a cake similar to a Boston Cream Cake with vanilla pudding between the layers and a mocha cream frosting with chocolate shavings.  I did send the rest home with Monica as she had family in with children.  They could use it more than Joe and I.  Now for one of the best pictures, yes you guessed it, THE CAKE!

















3 thoughts on “Entertaining at Home

  1. Nancy,
    I am sure your dinner was great. I like the night shot of the beach. Looks like it’s a little cool there now judging from the jackets.

    • Tom, thanks for your comment. We did have a great dinner. There are some really nice folks here and we have been lucky to have met a few. As to the weather, it is not cold but don’t let anyone tell you it is warm here during this time of year. I do wear a sweater in the evenings on the balcony, when we walk on the malecon I take a light jacket with a hood and have had put up the hood several times. We take jackets with us in the morning when we walk on the beach and again I have had to use it. During the day the temp display on the malecon reads 20 c (68 f). I expected it to be hot/humid on the equator at sea level – I was wrong. I have been told that Jan & Feb it will be hot. Seems that the Humboldt current runs along the coast going north towards Manta.- All these coastal towns have similar weather but the one thing we do not have is rain. Our friends in Las Tunas have had a lot of rain, we will get a fine mist off the water, since June it has happened maybe 4 times. Also the peninsula here is very narrow and we can see the Mar Bravo side of the ocean from our back balcony – this gives you a wind that will chill you to the bone. I will need to do a post on this because we were under the misconception that it was always hot and the sun was shining – the sun is not shining here this time of year…

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