Banco del Barrio in San Jacinto

While in San Jacinto last week, I visited the pharmacy located near Marco’s Restaurant. There were two representatives of Banco de Guayaquil installing a Barrio Bank system on her counter. I was excited to say the least when the pharmacy owner told me you could get up to $300 at this machine and her business is open from 7am to 10pm…those are great banking hours.

This is a photo of the outside of the store and the stores staff. The store is pretty well stocked and Joe and I have found that this store has some different items than our favorite San Clemente pharmacy.

Before moving here my Banco de Guayaquil representative told me that there was a Barrio Bank in the one hardware store in San Jacinto, but I have never seen the store open. Yesterday while coming back from Portoviejo I finally saw the doors of the store open and there was the bank machine in full view on the counter. So we have two Barrio bank machines in Jacinto, wonders never cease!

8 thoughts on “Banco del Barrio in San Jacinto

  1. great, so you can go and say “I’ll have a toothbrush, packet of aspirins and $200 please” ? is that how it works?

    • Sorry, your last two comments went into trash, just found them. It is a really nice pharmacy and sells so many items, now to get cash also. N

  2. nancy, we have been thinking of retireing to mexico. i understand the change and the fact you have to adapt. i guess i still have the every expat question of what does it take to live simply? in us dollars of course. we have a pension and some small ss in a few years. i would love to help with handyman chores and such as needed, on mexico time! I am fairly young but still need to look for an end game because being a paid fireman is a young mans job. also the uproar over the new requirements for living there is scary. We are maybe 3 years out and a lot can change i know. like all others i like hard facts, not trying to get into your business but maybe some numbers to bounce around. read your post and thought it was great. thanks loads

    • Hi Colby, ask away I will answer as honestly as I can with what I know. Right now in the new house we have a problem with our electric meter and are waiting for CNEL to deliver and install a new 220 V meter. Not sure what that is going to cost us but we will be charged for the replacement of the meter and I understand it will be billed over 3 months. What we have paid for electric in Salinas and Playas was approximately the same around $35-45 per month, municipal water here is running us around $5 per month, internet for faster speed is $45 slower speed is $25, gas cannister for the stove and oven is $2.50 and we use one can a quarter, our house taxes will be around $250 due in January of each year based upon the purchase price of our home, filet of fish is $2.50/lb., live lobster $6/lb., shrimp $4-5 per lb (12-14 in a lb), 30 large eggs $3.60, carton of milk $1.15, fresh bakery rolls .10 cents each, 6 pack of Scott toilet tissue $1.25, 5 gal bottled water $1 delivered to the kitchen, 12 oz bottled water .30 cents, large coconut opened and cleaned $1, Strawberries $1 per lb., tenderloin of beef or pork $2.50/lb., 12- 22 oz bottles of Pilsener beers deilvered to the door $9. Joe takes high blood pressure pills can’t remember the cost but very inexpensive and a stomach pill $10.36 for 36 capsules. Today we went to the clinic in town and got our flu shots it was no charge. Bus fare from Clemente to San Jacinto is .25, to Cherapoto .35, to Portoviejo $1 to Bahia $1. When we hit 65 all transportation fees are cut in half.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, again this is what we pay, for how we live. We run two computers all the time when we are home, have a few ceiling fans running 24-7 and listen to music quite a bit. I do at least 5 loads of laundry a week and water my trees and plants every day right now. We eat better than we ever did, shrimp is not for special any longer, fresh fruits and veggies are plentyful, packed with flavor and we do not eat canned or processed anything, because it is just not available here. Nancy

  3. thanks for the numbers. i have a friend whos parents live out side of guadalahara mexico, and i am starting to question him and gonna get his folks email. got you pinned to my favorites so keep up the posts.
    thanks loads, colby

  4. Nancy, Just want to let you know that Mike and I made it back to the States. I miss every one that I met while I was there and I am looking forward to returning again soon. Once I get settled I will e-mail you. So glad that I was able to get to know you. I have been keeping up on your blog. Glad to hear that you have gotten improvements in San Jacinto. Looks like you guys are moving on up. Take care and I will be in touch soon.

    • Karen, Glad you both made it back safe and sound to the US. You will need to tell me all about your trip in the mountains! Looks like Joe and I may go shopping in Cherapoto for a bike for me for Christmas. Santa should be good to me and I was a very good girl this year, ja ja be well, Nancy

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