Tuesday Deliveries

Tuesday is usually a big day for deliveries on my street.

Jesús our PanMan starts it all off every morning between 7am and 8am. Come rain or shine Jesús drives by on his bike, blowing his whistle bringing fresh pan to my door. I take his visit very personally. He comes to my gate each morning with fresh rolls that he just baked, a smile on his face, happy and content providing a wonderful service for his town. I actually don’t think he knows just how special what he does and how he does it is.

San Clemente 3.5.2013 012

For .10 cents you get a fresh crusty sometimes even warm roll right from his ovens. If you love what you do, smile when you do it, even whistle if you can, it affects everyone you come in contact with. This man is a shining example of the attitude of the folks in my area. If I have to work I should make the best of it. I should produce the best product and deliver it with a smile. Jesús you make my day! He also takes orders – our friends have ordered loaves of bread and even hot dog rolls for the next day.

Next comes the egg man who also sells toilet paper (papel higiénico), tooth paste – well he has an assortment of bathroom items. Yesterday morning I failed to take a photo but will get one next week and add it to this post.

A little later the Pilsener truck drove by.

San Clemente 3.5.2013 016

San Clemente 3.5.2013 015

I know it looks pretty bad when you see us getting four cases of beer but in all honesty two of these cases are Jackie’s who dropped them off on her way out of country.

Next Gonzalo dropped by with his one young son. I purchased peanut butter and chopped peanuts, green peppers, tomatoes and two types of onions.

San Clemente 3.5.2013 017

Next this young vendor and his partner drove by with fresh cheese and butter, along with a variety of other veggies. I purchased 10 oranges for a dollar (in Panama we used to get 100 oranges for $2) not here or at least not out of season!

San Clemente 3.5.2013 019

This is just the deliveries for Tuesday. I really have little reason to go shopping in Portoviejo or even Charapoto except once a month for items not delivered to my door. I am blessed! Next should be the meat and fish guys.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Deliveries

    • Now Joe you said your place is just a few blocks from a big mercado, you will get much better prices for taking a walk a few times a week than I can ever get with someone coming to my gate. I know you will just love having those fresh fruits, veggies and probably flowers just a few blocks from your home. When you start posting pictures I will be “green with envy” especially for the fresh cut flowers, OH how I miss that…be well my friend. So how is your packing going now that we are in the count-down phase of your move? Nancy

  1. how fantastic, these kind of deliveries were common in my home-country of Italy when I was small, but with all the cars and big supermarkets (+various health and safety rules and regulations), it’s all died away

    • I am sure that one day it will catch up to us here one day…but as long as it last I will be happy and suprised each time a truck pulls up to my gate. I love how my friend Patricia Creasey called it “Truck shopping” how sweet is that, Have a wonderful day…I never knew Croatia had such beautiful beach towns, your photos are wonderful. Be well, Nancy & Joe

  2. So awesome Nancy. We love Jesus. He always greets us with a smile and a handshake, puts up with my bad Spanish, and brings a smile to my face. We leave Friday morning and I’m really going to miss walking to the panaderia and getting sweet rolls for breakfast. And this from someone who NEVER eats sweet things for breakfast! Jesus has spoiled us. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet everyone else Our timing just never worked out.

    • Marilee, You and Penny just need to return for a longer visit. Thank you again for the assortment of spices, I have already used several and what a treat. Nancy & Joe

  3. How cool that you have so many coming to you! We have to go to them but here too, they work so hard but always seem so happy to see you and happy to be doing what they do.

    • Kris, just love the convenience, so even when I am not interested in leaving the house, a vendor may show up with just what I need for dinner that night. How great is that? Be well, N

  4. I am really missing San Jacinto now!! I have such wonderful memorys of my time there. I hope to return in a few months. Life there is awesome!!

    • Karen, Let us know when you will be returning, maybe we can see if Lobster Spring Rolls can be on the menu at our house, N

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