Malecon Changes in San Jacinto

Our friend Keith Williams sent me an email yesterday morning after he watched while workers took down all the small ramadas, shacks and stands on the beach side of the malecon near his home. He also said that the police were there watching as each one was removed.

San Jacinto 6.13.2014 001 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 005 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 006 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 007 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 008 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 009 San Jacinto 6.13.2014 010Keith’s comment was, ” All along the Malecon from central San Jacinto to our house, they tore down every shack, stand, lean-to, and homemade benches on the ocean side of the malecon. Local police and special uniformed police were on site to watch government workers demolish each one. 

They stopped doing it near our house and I wonder if they plan to continue it towards San Clemente today. I have no idea why it is being done as a few were recently constructed. Maybe a road widening finally?”

Joe and I had to be in Jacinto yesterday anyway so I took the above pictures. Keith is correct every single structure on the ocean side is down, leveled or already removed from the site and just a makeshift foundation remains. I did not notice anything different in San Alejo or San Clemente on our ride back home.San Alejo 6.14.2014 002

San Alejo 6.14.2014 004 San Alejo 6.14.2014 003 I hope this means that they will be reinforcing the stone walls that now separate the street from the ocean. If El Niño weather, like they are predicting, hits our area the current sea walls are not anywhere substantial enough to stop flooding inland.

Our friends Eva and Fredy had a home on the ocean back in the 80’s when there was a bad El Niño. Day by day more water came around their property and eroded palm tree by palm tree until they had no choice but to deconstruct their home and move it farther back near the cliffs.

Mother Nature is the great equalizer. You can’t get away from it                                       Christopher Heyerdahl


9 thoughts on “Malecon Changes in San Jacinto

  1. In a lot of small communities around you, the government or the local city municipality owns the beachfront. Don’t know if that is the case in San Jacinto or not but I just was informed about this yesterday. Most of the places on the beach were built by squatters.

  2. Hi – we’re from NY visiting a dear friend in Quito, are now in San Clemente and planning to come to San Jacinto this evening and or tomorrow. Would really appreciate some ideas tonight for night life and during the day tomorrow. Thanks!

    • Jason, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to you. We have been out of town this week. You probably figured out there is not much going on in both Jacinto and Clemente during the week, especially since the festivals just finished. I hope you found a few things to do and enjoyed your stay. Nancy

  3. Hi there love the blog and enjoyng learning new things here, i have been in Ecuador for over 4 years now, from Newcastle in the uk, I am living in Portoviejo and come to San Jacinto and san Clemente now and again with my little family, we love it, but i am starting to get itchy feet wanting to move closer to the beach, an English mans dream in all fairness, my question is do you see property rates on the rise in the next 5 years in san Jacinto, as since Bahia has had the money spent on it, i am guessing they will be working their way along the coast improving each town, i am quite tempted to sell my house and opt for a move up there, but say a few blocks back from the beach itself, i know the day time life, but the evening life is there many problems ie crime?
    look forward to hearing your reply
    Si Kendrick

    • Hi Si, So sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I have been busy with other things and the blog has taken a back seat. I apprecate your comments and will reply to your email address, making it more personal. Be well, Nancy

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