Expat Bloggers in Mexico

Recently I had a blogger from Mexico find our blog and she has added ours to her Blogroll. http://theresainmerida.blogspot.com/  This has generated several other expats that are bloggers living in Mexico viewing my posts. What a treasure of information from these great writers. http://www.vivaveracruz.com/blog/

But this one writer http://www.countdowntomexico.com/2011/07/19/how-to-be-a-successful-expat/ did a post around the same time that I was writing A Moving Decision. It is amazing that two women, so many miles apart, who have never met could be thinking about the same issues, and then deciding to write about them. Please take a look at Nancy and Paul’s blog Count Down to Mexico. The location may be different but we are all facing challenges living outside of the US and our comfort zones.

Thanks to each of these bloggers for making my day!

11 thoughts on “Expat Bloggers in Mexico

  1. “…but we are all facing challenges living outside of the US and our comfort zones.”
    We are indeed. It has been fun reading through your history since leaving Atlanta – good stuff!

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