Ship Ahoy!

Many times when we are at the beach we have noticed shrimp boats out in the water. Yesterday I just assumed that the ship in the distance was just that a shrimp boat. Joe disagreed and I just hate when he is right.

Maybe I have been wrong other times as well, Naw, not possible, ha ha  We often saw the Navy ships on the coast in Salinas, you can see pictures in past blog articles if you want to see some pretty sharp ships. The most enjoyable to see is the tall ship the Guayas, what a magnificent boat.

Other posts I have done on the Ecuadorian Navy ships. Just put the title listed below in the search box and these older posts should pop up.

Ahoy Matey! Tall ship off the balcony! posted 7.19.2010

Ecuador Navy Back in Town Yesterday posted 4.14.2011

Also our friends Mary and John McDonald living here in San Clemente saw the same boat yesterday, we spotted John watching and taking photos, to see their article go to:  t

Enjoy your weekend.

11 thoughts on “Ship Ahoy!

  1. how great that this ship caught the attention of you and joe as well as john and mary! a helicopter often zips back and forth along the coast up here, and my workers said that they were/are looking for drugs. i see little jets careening low and fast along the coastline as well, and they often make long graceful arcs over the flat/delta farming areas.
    i’m glad they’re here, if they’re helping keep drogas out of the area!


    • Z, we see the same helicopters, small jets and now the navy ships. I do feel better about having all the activity it may not keep all the drugs out but it sure will put a dent in any monkey business that may be going on. Nancy

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  3. Hi Nan,

    We’re finally coming to Ecuador for November, finding a place in Manta. I feel as though we’re old friends, I’ve read so many of your blogs. As a ‘payment”, I’d love to bring something for you that you have trouble finding in Ecuador. If you want to get in touch with me, please do.

    • Good Morning Brenda, thank you for the kind comment, I am so happy to meet you and hope we can meet face to face when you are here in November. I will think on your offer and let you know in the next day or so. The one thing that Joe and I would probably enjoy would be that little inexpensive Kindle, let me know if you have room for something like that in your luggage. I will look into having it shipped to you and will email you to get your information if you can fit it in your luggage. Thanks so much, Nancy

    • Brenda, we are having a Kindle delivered by another friend who left the states today. Thanks a bunch for your offer. Have a safe trip, let us know when you are in the Clemente area…Nancy

      • Sorry we couldn’t be of help, Nancy. If you think of anything else, please drop a line. I know you’re a “foodie” and so am I , so if I can bring something unavailable there, I would be most happy to help out. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

        • Brenda, you are so sweet. Any of these items would make my day. mustard seeds, celery seeds, poppy seeds, saffron, Herbes de Provence or Liquid Smoke….would be such a treat, don’t make a special trip but if you see any of these on the grocery shelves I would just love them. Payment in cash or Big Beers, Nancy

          • Oh, I had so much fun shopping for you…even got a” treat” for Joe! Do you like maple syrup? and how about blueberries? Only thing missing was poppy seeds…store was out. Also, do you think there would be any problem going through customs with the seeds? I had just read on internet about a man arrested in Middle East because he had eaten a poppy seed bagel in Heathrow before he boarded, and had three seeds on his lapel! Maybe just urban legend, but I don’t want to be denied entry. Let me know what you think.

            • Brenda, thanks so much for doing this for us. Many of the items we speak about cannot be found even in Super Maxi. If they do have things like American made BBQ sauce it is so expensive and you may see it one time and never again. Thanks for your kindness. Nancy

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