Jim Peterson visits San Clemente

I have corresponded with a great woman for many months now, Bev and I have formed an email friendship after she found our blog and started to follow our little adventure in Ecuador. This week her husband Jim has had some adventures of his own in Ecuador and we just needed to meet. Of course we did not have internet for the first part of his travels and I was so upset that I thought I would have missed him completely but on his way back he made the effort to see us. It was a great visit with Jim, Kris and Seth who are traveling with him. Bev could not make the trip but Jim promises me that she will be taking the next one very soon.

I had to that this next picture of just Jim and I, what a special visit and a very special man.

Missed you much Bev, now you will just need to plan another trip, I think Jim is up for it so now you just need to make the time and get back here as soon as you can.

2 thoughts on “Jim Peterson visits San Clemente

    • Hi Z, thanks so much for your kind words, it was a treat to meet Jim but I was sorry Bev could not make the trip…hopefully soon she will be able to move here. N

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