What NOT to do on the Beach

We just love observing people. I guess after you have made it to our age, have done your share of foolish things and have lived to tell about it, we see some real humor in these things others do. Earlier this week while enjoying Joe’s birthday dinner at Viviana’s Joe spotted this big white pick up flying up the beach. Not two minutes later he was coming back down the sand.

San Clemente 1.17.2013 035

The good news is he was able to move his vehicle before the tide took it out to sea and he also got a good washing of the one side as an added bonus.

I have done some pretty inane things in my day but driving on the beach with the tide coming in was never one of them.

I’m sure he was concerned about being able to get out of this situation. As we sat the group playing volleyball near the restaurant decided to take a walk over and help him out. He was able to move the truck out with help…wonder if he is going to tell Daddy about this adventure???

2 thoughts on “What NOT to do on the Beach

  1. Don’t you know that the family is upset. Just wait a few years! Good salt water ,Oh boy! I am trying to catch up on all my e-mails. Just got internet in the great state of Ms. Miss you all!

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