What to do with a Blank Wall?

Once we removed the wall separating the original kitchens and salon area, we had this huge empty stark white wall. It has stared me in the face for months. I found exactly what I want to have there but have not found the artist or the funds to do this project. I needed something big, really big and when I saw my friend Deborah Goehring’s beautiful mural that she and a group of very talented artist completed for her home in Nicaragua I knew that is what I will have done to this wall one day but ours will be of pelicans with a beautiful vibrant sunset as the background.

Deborah writes Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua, Life is a beach on Ometepe Island. The link below will take you to her blog article on this beautiful mural.


But I keep thinking what could I possibly make or buy that would be big enough to make the space look different but for a little investment.

San Clemente 1.20.2013 010

So I found these kites. Joe insisted that I take a video. As they look like they are flying around our walls.


16 thoughts on “What to do with a Blank Wall?

    • John & Mary, I am not a painter so I try to be creative in other ways. It will do until I can get someone to paint a mural on that big wall. Thanks so much for your kind words, N

    • Hi Deb, thanks again…this was all because of your beautiful mural…it is just so great I want to do something just as special on this wall. N

  1. You must sit back and smile as you watch those kites ripple with the wind! They look great! If the wall is still blank the next time I come through, we’ll have to do some brainstorming for a backdrop. I like what’s there – so something busy might compete with those great kites! Z

    • Hi Z, what I have in mind is a mural of a few pelicans flying through a San Clemente sunset!!! Nancy PS and I would give the kites to the kids in the neighborhood.

        • Hi Z, thanks trying to do my part and be creative, if you can’t paint, draw, write music you do the best you can…ha ha The area I want painted will be somewhere around 10 feet…Joe and I have been thinking about it for several months…and have a general idea of what we would like. A Clemente sunset with three pelicans in flight…One day I will print a sunset picture and cut out nice pelicans and past on the photo. Then I will know if it is what I am looking for. Nancy

    • Libby, needed something on that big wall…it’s very nice how they almost fly when we turn on the ceiling fans. Inexpensive idea to brighten up an area, necessity is the mother of invention. ha ha Nancy

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