Carambola (Star Fruit – but locals call it Fruta China)

Yesterday afternoon while sitting out in the yard I looked up to see several almost ripe star fruit just staring down at me.  My friend Eva said to add them to a regular salad for a special kick. That sounds like a lovely way to eat the bounty from our yard.

San Clemente 7.18.2013 003

San Clemente 7.18.2013 002

There are several bunches of little pink flowers along with a few very tiny little fruits. It is so much fun to search in the branches to see if any of them contain fruit. It looks like we will have five very nice ripe fruit in the next several days and then several more over the next month.

San Clemente 7.18.2013 009

What a treat!

6 thoughts on “Carambola (Star Fruit – but locals call it Fruta China)

  1. Good to hear from you after while! This is one of the fruits of heaven-The others being–Mangoes,Papayas,Pomengranates.,Cherries,Figs& ofcourse watermelons!!!! Enjoy-All the best–Yusuf

    • Yusuf tomorrows post will be on the pomegranate tree that we have…the fig is very small and my little Dragon Fruit is still a baby but we have very high hopes for more great fruit. Nancy

  2. We had a tree in Florida that was constantly producing bag fulls of great fruit which we shared with everyone we could get to take some! There is a tree in our neighborhood here though with fruit that isn’t much good at all. I hope yours is a good one because if it is, you’ll have lots of really yummy fruit. I’ve heard it also makes good juice, but we just ate ours.

    • Hi Kris, we had the same issue in Dolega, the mango tree behind the house was huge, had tons of fruit but it was worthless, we spent all our time rakeing leaves and ended up digging pits to put all the fruit that not even the birds would eat…it was so sad to see so much fruit wasted…the tree was only good for one thing – shade, but you sat under it at your own risk…ha ha N

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