Whale Spotting in San Jacinto

Well it really is not a whale, just a whale tail sitting across from our favorite San Jacinto restaurant, Copacabana. I have had this picture for a while but just found it among all my other photos.

San Clemente 9.21.2013 104I don’t know who constructed it but it is a beautiful piece of art.

11 thoughts on “Whale Spotting in San Jacinto

    • Hi Z, it looks like the water is several colors of paint, I really did not do a close up..I think it would last longer if it were tile..but it still looks really pretty. N

      • oh wow, i thought it was tile.. it saddens me to see the paint,as most use the very cheap paints sold in fereterrias, and they’re more like tempera and not long lasting or colorfast. i noted that the big murals by museo bahia de caraquez are already peeling from the facade of the building. tsk tsk tsk… such a waste.

        • Z, I know if you did it in tile it would last so much longer and look so much better but who has the money? We will see how long this lasts…N

    • Hi Deb, yes, while living in Salinas we spotted several on the Mar Bravo side of the peninsula. Last year our neighbor Pilly came running to the gate telling us they were out in the water here, by the time we got to the beach I think I saw a tail flap but that was about it. I know the fisherman see them all the time so they are out there during season. Nancy

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